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Haldex to supply Krone with 4th Generation Trailer EBS

Haldex has signed a long-term agreement with European trailer giant KRONE Commercial Vehicle Group to supply the fourth-generation Electronic Brake System (EBS) platform for trailers.

The new generation of EBS, EB+4.0, introduces parking brake control into electronic management and offers a new modular and customizable approach to customer-specific functions, depending on the supplier.

This agreement extends a long-standing partnership with KRONE and is an important step to increase Haldex’s market share in this segment. With this product offering, Haldex contributes to improved road safety and an increased level of digitization in the industry.

As a multi-voltage platform that can be used as both ABS and EBS, and with significant weight reduction and CO rating2 Reducing the footprint by up to 30% compared to the previous generation, this new platform is aligned with market needs.

“With this agreement, Haldex has taken a step forward to expand its position in the trailer market,” said Stephan Kulle, Executive Vice President EMEA. “Our collaboration with KRONE is growing to an exciting new stage, which builds confidence in our ability to continue innovating to meet market needs and exceed customer expectations.”

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