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HBO ‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ Docu Trailer

HBO has shared the official trailer for its upcoming DMX documentary, DMX: don’t try to understand.

Set to premiere November 25, Don’t Try to Understand follows the late rapper for a year after his release from prison in 2019:

DMX: DON’T TRY TO UNDERSTAND (November 25), directed by Christopher Frierson, focuses on a year in the life of rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons as he is released from prison in early 2019 and tries to rebuild his career in the music industry and reconnect with his family and his fans. Set in a cinema verité style and with unfettered access, the film is about a man on a quest for reinvention and redemption, striving to stay true to himself while re-establishing his roles as father, artist and icon.

The trailer sees X reuniting with friends and family, performing shows after his release, and dealing with other complications, as well as his emotional interactions with fans. “I speak to you as someone who grew up where you grew up. I stole a car right there,” he tells someone in one scene, followed by a clip of him hugging a fan and saying, “Turn this pain into words.

Watch the trailer above. DMX: don’t try to understand premieres November 25 on HBO Max.

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