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HBO’s ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ has a full trailer and release date

We’re just weeks away from the premiere of HBO’s series adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife and if the new trailer is any indication, we should all brace ourselves for complete emotional devastation.

I tried not to put too much hope in this adaptation of one of my favorite books, after the parody that was the 2009 Rachel McAdams/Eric Bana film. I’m also incredibly skeptical that the series brought to us by none other than Steven “Girls Who Wait” Moffat. (Skeptical to the point that once, okay, okay, maybe a little too dramatically, I said I would “never, ever” watch his adaptation.)

It’s heartening that Moffat clearly enjoys the novel, and the trailer seems to give both characters equal weight in this time-traveling love story, which is absolutely essential for a worthwhile adaptation. It’s also a good sign that it’s a miniseries rather than a movie, because Audrey Niffenegger’s beautiful novel needs that kind of space.

I always try to temper my expectations, but boy, this trailer is truly fantastic.

The Time Traveler’s Wife stars Rose Leslie and Theo James as lovers through time and premieres on HBO May 15.

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