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Heavy Duty $ 35,000 XT Trailer is American Camper and Off-Road Muscle

My friends, Boreas Campers was founded in 2016 by Matt Reichel. In 2013, Matt decided it was time to start a new life and sold his belongings. He then bought a motorhome and cruised the western United States for about three years before eventually ending up on Boreas Pass Road in Breckenridge, Colorado. This is where the first Boreas motorhome was born.

A few years later, this team became known for producing high-performance machines at a fairly low cost, making sure they ended up in as many hands as possible. For example, the XT trailer, which we’ll be reviewing today, starts at $ 34,890 (€ 31,037 at current exchange rates). It’s time to see what it is.

To make things easier to understand, I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way inside the trailer. This lets us start with a CNC cut frame with a powder coated steel frame. Drop that on a Cruisemaster CRS2 axleless independent suspension with BFGoodrich AT tires on 17-inch wheels, and the stage is set for a solid adventure motorhome. The base package also includes electric brakes, load wings, and 19-inch (48-centimeter) ground clearance.

The exterior gives fiberglass composite panels, a 100 watt solar panel, LED lighting, side awning and aluminum roof rack. The last feature is essential to help increase the available space, perhaps adding a roof top tent if possible, or just using it for cargo and gear.

Now XT is configured like other camper trailers as there is no indoor bathroom or kitchen. The interior is reserved only for sleep, relaxation and some storage. You will be able to find a memory foam mattress for two people, LED lighting, FRP composite panels, a MaxxAir fan and a 6,500 BTU furnace. It’s not a very big space, so nothing more is really needed to stay warm and cool. The 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) insulation all around the cabin is sure to help you venture into the colder months.

Be warned, however, if you venture into the colder months in a motorhome like this, be prepared to cook meals, take a shower, and even relieve yourself outside. What, you are the one who wanted outdoor adventures. But that doesn’t mean Boreas hasn’t done its best to make these activities as easy as possible for you.

For example, the kitchen has a compact configuration that works on sliding mechanisms. The two burner stove is configured like this. The same applies to the sink with water on demand and the Truma C60 fridge / freezer. 30 gallons (136 liters) of water on board are moved with a self-priming pump. LED lights, 12 volt and USB power sources are also offered to help you light up the world around you.

There is only one mention of an outdoor shower with hot water on demand for the bathroom elements. I’m sure you can take a cassette toilet and put it in one of the bunkers you find.

As far as electrical capabilities go, XT shows up with the Intelli-Power control center, the 100 watts of solar juice I mentioned, the deep cycle battery, and the tow vehicle charging system. Do you want something else ? Check out the list of annex tents, screens and more to see what’s available, or just let Boreas Campers know, and they will do their best to create the motorhome of your dreams.

Overall, the motorhome is 16 feet (4.87 meters) long and 7 feet (2.13 meters) wide. A dry weight of 2,200 lbs (998 kg) means you should be able to haul this sucker behind just about anything off-road-worthy. No mention on the manufacturer’s website of a load limit.

Of course, this might not be the “perfect” travel trailer you are looking for, but given the XT’s equipment and the price it is offered, this is certainly a worthy motorhome. exterior to note for your next travel trailer purchase.

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