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Hell’s Paradise Anime to be produced by MAPPA, new trailer

During Jump Fest 2022, TWIN ENGINE announced that Heaven from hell the animated adaptation will be produced by MAPPA. A promotional video was also released featuring Gabimaru, Sagiri, and other characters from the series. A new teaser visual has also been released.


Key personnel will understand Kaori makita as a director, Akira Kindaichi as a series composer, Koji Hisaki as a character designer, and Yoshiaki Dewa as a music composer.

The manga is written by Yuji Kaku and published on Shonen Jump +. Kaku commented on the announcement:

“Until today, I have always had slight doubts about the animation adaptation, but after witnessing the high quality work of MAPPA, those doubts are gone. My heart is beating with excitement! I would be delighted if not only the viewers but also the production team enjoyed doing this show!

The series is described as:

The hour marks the end of the Edo period in Japan.

Gabimaru the Hollow, a former ninja assassin from Iwagakure is offered a chance to be pardoned from all crimes if he finds the elixir of life on a legendary island.

In order to find his beloved wife, Gabimaru and a female executioner “Yamada Asaemon Sagiri “goes on an expedition to the mystical island to find the elixir of life. When Gabimaru and Sagiri set foot on the island, they discover that there are other sentenced to death for the same purpose.

The island is full of mysterious creatures, strange man-made statues, immortals ruling the Isle… In this mysterious mystical island, can Gabimaru find the elixir of life and return? without issue-!?

Source: DUAL MOTOR, Heaven from hell Twitter


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