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Hendrickson launches rubber suspension with Mack trucks From: Hendrickson Trailer Suspension

Designed for trucks operating both on and off-road, the HAULMAAX EX suspension features an equalizing beam that distributes the load equally between both axles in off-road and uneven terrain conditions.


Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems has partnered with Mack Trucks to offer the heavy-duty HAULMAAX EX rubber suspension. Mack TerraPro and LR cabover vehicles are now available for purchase with HAULMAAX EX suspension from authorized Mack dealers.

HAULMAAX EX supports trucks that work both on and off the road. The suspension’s equalizing beam distributes the load evenly between both axles in off-road and uneven terrain conditions and provides 17 inches of diagonal articulation. The design eliminates fixed center bushing pivot points to reduce wheel hop. An integrated shock absorber provides overload protection to maximize the life of the progressive load springs and reinforcement springs. Tire clearance has been increased on the HAULMAAX EX to include packages with 315 tires and 9-inch steel wheels, while still meeting the SAE standard for tire chain clearance.

“Customers today expect more from their professional suspensions. HAULMAAX EX works to meet expectations by expanding the capabilities of the current HAULMAAX design. HAULMAAX EX is extremely rugged, supporting demanding professional applications and offering capacities of 40,000 lbs, 46,000 lbs and now 52,000 lbs, with site capacity up to 75,000 lbs,” said Ashley Dudding, Director of Engineering at Hendrickson.

“Hendrickson used our state-of-the-art analysis and validation techniques to ensure that HAULMAAX EX would meet rigorous job-related requirements, minimize maintenance requirements, and deliver an advanced, lightweight professional suspension to the market.”

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