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Home Shanti: The trailer beautifully depicts the desire of middle-class families to have their own home

Disney+ Hotstar has released the trailer for the ‘Home Shanti’ series. In this series, we will see the two middle-class couples who want to fulfill their long-held dream of buying a house. They basically want to build their dream house as they face several obstacles.

The trailer for the series promises relatable family drama. This series marks the actor’s first project after Manoj’s son Mayank got married to Supriya’s daughter Sanah.

The trailer features the Joshi family discovering there’s nothing more peaceful about building their dream home. It starts with the Joshi family of four traveling by car. Manoj is a comic Hindi newspaper columnist Umesh Joshi and Supriya is a stoic, deputy headmistress of Sarla Joshi school. They have two children who also appear to be in a physical fight in one of the scenes.


As Sarla made the decision to voluntarily retire, it also avoided a transfer with her family facing the predicament of building a house after the short notice to leave their government-allocated neighborhood.

Speaking about the project, Pahwa said he fell in love with the show’s storyline. He called it a “heartfelt and endearing drama”. The actor who starts starring Pathak in the 2021 comedy-drama Mimi said, “Coming back to sets with Supriya Ji was like stepping into comfortable waters for me.”

Shanti Trailer: Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa promise relatable family drama |  Entertainment News, The Indian Express

She also said, “The relatability factor of this drama is very high because we all know families and the drama of having a home one day. I had an absolute gala time working on this series, mostly reviving Manoj and my chemistry had me super excited. Sometimes the whole thing looked like an extension of a family.

Aakanksha Dua said, “This is an airy, uplifting and humorous drama that will make the viewer fall in love with the Joshis and cheer them on until the last brick is laid. I am incredibly grateful to Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa who have also brought their wonderful synergy to the dram. Their on-screen chemistry touched my heart and I’m sure they will cast the exact e3xact spell on the audience,”

Home Shanti: Distribution

The new series features Chakori Dwivedi and PPoiojan Chhabra. The series was directed by Aakanksha Dua.

Home Shanti: Appointment

Disney+ Hotstar set to drop the series on the 6thand May 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar.

Here is the trailer:

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