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Illinois House advances bill to reduce trailer license fees to $36 | Politics

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — House lawmakers passed a bill On Sunday, it could finally reduce trailing commissions.

Members were hoping to bring the current fee down from $118 to $18. However, Democrats and Republicans had to find a compromise.

“I think this is a long overdue correction,” Rep. Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville) said. “I wish it had come down to $18, but we can’t get everything we want in this building. It shows that sometimes we can find a deal even if it’s not perfect.”

Senate Bill 58 would reduce the license spot renewal fee for small trailers to $36 per year.

Part of the compromise included increasing the certificate title fee by $5, from $150 to $155. Certificate title fees are only paid when titles are transferred for registered vehicles.

This plan received bipartisan support, as many lawmakers said it was one of the top three issues when voters called for help.

According to representative Paul Jacobs, there have been up to 150,000 fewer trailer renewals since the fee increase.

“There were a number of bills to reduce license plate fees on small trailers, but ultimately the compromise was to reduce the fee to $36 per year,” Jacobs said. “I would have preferred to reduce the license plate fee to a single rate, but at least we were able to reduce the cost. It’s something I hear a lot about from voters and I’m glad that we were able to achieve this bipartisan compromise before the adjournment.

Rep. Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona)

The bill passed the House unanimously and will now go to the Senate for passage.

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