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In Netflix’s ‘Senior Year’ Trailer, Rebel Wilson Makes High School Funny Again

Imagine this. You’re approaching 40 and find yourself returning to your high school after 20 years, where you’ll be enrolled as a college student surrounded by TikTok-obsessed teenagers. It’s – surprisingly – not the premise of a horror movie, but of Netflix’s upcoming Rebel Wilson-led comedy, Secondary year.

The opening title card of the film’s first trailer, released on Monday, lists the year as 2002. Boy bands are in, dazzled, low-rise jeans and butterfly clips are all the rage . Life couldn’t get any better for Wilson’s character, Stephanie Conway, a popular cheerleader played as a teenager by Easttown Mare actress Angourie Rice, when a cheerleading stunt gone wrong plunges her into a coma.

Stephanie wakes up in the hospital two decades later, feeling robbed of her perfect final year with a successful cheer season, a hunky boyfriend (wearing frosted spikes and a shell necklace, of course) and the coveted title of prom queen. Basically, she has major FOMO for everything she missed during her 20 years in a coma.

“Everyone has to go on and live their life and, what, am I supposed to jump forward?” she asks her father, played by saturday night live former Chris Parnell. “I mean, I just found out there’s eight more fast furious movies.” Naturally, she decides to go back to high school, and diversions ensue.

Decked out in her prettiest teens (a hot pink rhinestone-embellished tank top layered over a striped baby T-shirt, for example), Stephanie quickly learns that high school is a little different now than when she ruled the halls. She just can’t understand Gen Z’s inclusive “everyone’s popular” mentality.

“Oh, no, no, no. There are only three ways to become popular”, she says in front of a table filled with teenagers. “Be a cheerleader, work at Abercrombie, or let the guys in through the back door.” Upon learning that everyone on the cheer squad is a captain, she remarks, “That’s the shittiest thing I’ve ever heard.”

In a press release for the film earlier this year, Wilson described Secondary year as an updated hybrid of two classic high school movies—never been kissed and Bring it on. In other words, it’s our dream movie.

Secondary year is directed by Alex Hardcastle. It features a supporting cast of hilarious actors, including Sam Richardson, Zoe Chao, and Mary Holland. Former teen movie queen Alicia Silverstone and 2000s heartthrob Justin Hartley also make appearances.

Revel in year 2000 nostalgia when Secondary year releases May 13.

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