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Indie Horror Reveil Reveals Trailer Not For Circus Haters

Independent studio Pixel splitting revealed his next game Awakeningan intriguing horror game with a trippy circus setting.

Described as a first-person narrative experience on the game steam page, in Reveil, “the player is immersed in a world… where the boundaries between reality and illusion blur.” You play as Walter Thompson, waking up in a surreal place, not knowing where your wife and daughter are.

The game also seems to have something of a fun concept, with the main character apparently having previously worked as a stage builder in a circus. This circus, called Nelson Bro’s Circus, appears to be the main setting for the game, and the trailer certainly presents it as something that might not be particularly coulrophobia-friendly.

The gameplay will be based on puzzles and puzzles, which is somewhat reminiscent of the previous ones silent Hill Games. It’s also made in Unity, which the Steam page insists on, and there’s definitely some strong lighting and environment design shown in the trailer. A specific release date hasn’t been set yet, and no word on a console version, but it should be released sometime in 2023.

Reveil seems like a bit of a change of pace for the Germany-based developer, with the previous game being an indoor park management simulator and an earlier title called
deadly days being a cartoony 2D rogue set in a zombie apocalypse.

Elsewhere in the world in indie horror, vampire survival game V rising managed to sell over 500,000 copies in three days. Although in Early Access, V Rising lets players take on the role of a weakened vampire after centuries of slumber, as they attempt to rebuild their health and castle in an effort to form a vampire empire.

That’s certainly impressive for a game that hasn’t even had a technically full release yet, and is preparing well for future updates.

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