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Iranian Oscar nominee Asghar Farhadi’s “A Hero” Trailer

Amazon Studios released the international trailer for ‘A Hero’ by Iranian candidate Ashgar Farhadi represent the country at the next Oscars in the Best International Feature Film category.

The film, which positively launched in July since the Cannes Film Festival where it tied for the Grand Prix, the festival’s second prize – and then went to Toronto and Telluride – will be released in US theaters on January 7 before it goes live on Amazon Prime Video on January 21.

“A hero” is the Iranian author’s fourth film to be presented in world premiere in Cannes competition after “The Past ”,“ The Salesman ”and“ Everyone Knows ”in Spanish.

The drama, which saw Farhadi return to filming in Iran, concerns a man named Rahim who is in prison because of an unpaid debt. During a two-day release, he and the women he loves hatch a plan to try and convince the creditor to let him out of the woods. But the plan is spiraling out of control due to social media playing an important role in the narrative that exposes the pitfalls of media manipulation in Iran’s repressive regime but also, by extension, around the world.

Farhadi, in an interview with Variety in Cannes, said it was from his observation of Iranian society in the age of social media.

“Every now and then in the news in Iran you hear stories about very ordinary people who in their daily lives do something very selfless,” he said.

“And this human way of being makes them very visible in society for a few days, then they are forgotten. The story of the rise and fall of these kinds of people was really what interested me.

Farhadi has already won two international Oscars for, respectively, “A Separation” in 2011 and “The Salesman” in 2016, the former of which was also nominated for the original screenplay.

According to Variety Film Awards Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis with “A Hero” Farhadi “could be in the running to win the third statue for his homeland, which would put him a short distance from the record held by Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, who directed four winning films in his lifetime. “

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