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ITORAH gets a new release date and trailer


Assemble Entertainment revealed today that ITORAH has a release date, and with it came a brand new trailer. Developed by Grimbart Tales, the team has been teasing it for a few months, showing off its Mesoamerican-influenced 2.5D side-scrolling platformer. Now we finally know the game will be released for both To smoke and GOG on March 21, 2022. We’ve got more information on the game below, along with a brand new trailer for you to check out as you can see how the game will look and play on PC.

Credit: Assemble Entertainment

ITORAH boasts a visually stunning art style and jaw-dropping environments, complemented by carefully crafted depictions of verdant forests and ancient temples. Despite its deceptively stunning visuals, the story is a tragic, bittersweet saga of sacrifice and loss. With her smart-mouthed sentient weapon, an ax named Koda, Itorah will journey through the cursed land while unraveling its mysteries, told through enchanting gameplay and meticulously illustrated cutscenes.

  • Artisanal quality: Explore a beautifully realized world inspired by South and Central American landscapes, each lovingly hand-painted by the development team to bring the world of Nahucan to life.
  • Good old fashioned platform: When she’s not hacking and slashing her way through the landscape, Itorah will need to keep her jumping and dodging skills as sharp as her ax as she conquers puzzles and platform challenges. -shape more and more difficult.
  • Who is the boss: With an ax in hand, fight and subdue Nahucan’s ravenous wildlife through thrilling and challenging boss battles.
  • Make friends along the way: As the old saying goes, “the real treasure is the friends we make along the way.” Meet a variety of weird and quirky characters who may or may not aid Itorah in her quest.
  • Captivating sound design: ITORAH’The dynamic and lovingly crafted soundtrack invites players to get lost in the beauty of Nahucan.

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