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It’s worth it | “Astral Ascent” available in early access on Steam

Astral Ascension offers a wide and beautiful handmade pixel art modern fantasy world explore solo or with a friend in local co-op. Choose your hero from four playable characters, unlock dozens of unique spells that can be upgraded using modifiers that will create endless possibilities to match your own playstyle, and create multiple ways to take on enemies.

Explore it Gardenan astral prison guarded by 12 powerful mystical bosses: the Zodiacs. Challenge these experienced and singular warriors and face them in frantic combat while discovering four unique worlds with magnificent landscapes. Loyal allies who will help you unfold the story in a rogue-lite experience created in a stop motion animation style. Replayability is the key to exploring this setting and its characters, and discovering its secrets with each playthrough.

In addition, pixel art fans will be delighted by a deep and intriguing story based on beautiful illustrations, stunning animation and memorable characters. Roam the Garden, meet new friends and uncover the mysteries behind the Zodiacs.

Talented game music composer North Dale (Wizard of Legends, Marble Knights) create fantastical, ethereal melodies for Astral Ascensionmaking the journey through these environments a magical and organic experience that will make the adventure even more mysterious and immersive.

Astral Ascensionlaunches today on Steam Early Access for €21.99/$24.99/£19.99.

The Early Access version is launched with two playable characters (the deadly assassin Ayla and the explosive fighter Kiran), five zodiac bosses to fight (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Leo and Sagittarius) and two worlds to explore.

The studio plans to continue working on the game until next year, with major updates planned for the coming months. These will focus on new worlds to explore, additional enemies, additional playable characters for a total roster of five, 12 Zodiacs to battle, and much more. After the full launch, Hibernian Workshop plans to support the game with DLC.

Main characteristics:

  • FIGHT YOUR WAY: Unlock dozens of unique spells for your 4 distinct characters. Optimize your own build or try a new one to take down 12 powerful bosses. Become stronger over time to face your enemies. Each race will test your skills and responsiveness.
  • DON’T GO ALONE: Is the weight of fate too heavy to bear alone? Don’t worry and bring a friend to play in our two player co-op fashion. Fight and crush your enemies together in local co-op or online using the Steam Remote Gaming Together feature.
  • AN ASTRAL THREAT: The Zodiacs are 12 experienced Guardians spread across 4 beautiful worlds. They will bring to the battlefield unique attacks, abilities and builds, stories to discover, and reasons for you to fight. Be warned!
  • NARRATION THROUGH REPLAYABILITY: Astral Ascent is a rogue-lite infused with storytelling. Replayability is part of our story that will be unraveled piece by piece. As you get stronger, you’ll discover more about the characters, their motivations, and the secrets of the world they’re trapped in.
  • A MAGNIFICENT MODERN FANTASTIC WORLD: Speed ​​through gigantic landscapes. Explore quirky, artisanal areas. Discover the world created by our artists, with beautiful art and stop-motion animation.
  • 4 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Unique characters. Unique weapons. Unique ways to play.
    • Aila: The sole survivor of her guild of assassins, she uses her twin daggers to eliminate her enemies before they can react. His speed and skill are unmatched.
    • Kirane: This orphan learned life the hard way. He uses his strength to launch attacks powerful enough to create shockwaves. Brutal.
    • Callie: This talented sculptor wants to regain her freedom. She will use her magic gems to break through enemy defenses and tear them to pieces. She is ruthless.
    • Octave: Trained by a powerful witch, this young fighter summons ethereal weapons to attack his enemies. When needed, he can also conjure larger weapons. Deadly either way.
  • A COALITION FOR HOPE: You can count on loyal allies to help you get through this
    • Merchant: This mysterious figure has the power to unlock your true potential by remembering forgotten skills. Be careful… it will not be free.
    • Zim-Zim: His greenhouse hides magical plants that can increase your abilities. If you can stand his temperamental and downright immature behavior.
    • Oloon: The best stylist in the known universe is here and available. Want to change the color of your clothes? Dye your hair? She has everything you need!
    • Papa Yalee: This old cat – he’s almost 20 years old! – will always have a good story about the enemies you encounter and your runs. The good news is…most of them are true.
    • Sova: Once a powerful witch, Sova has been cursed and must now serve the Garden. Her past is a burden of shame that she carries in silence.
    • Order: The de facto leader of the Garden, this fierce warrior aids the Heroes in their quest. Its power is legendary.
    • Iki: Ex-husband of Ordan and a powerful single-handed warrior, he is in charge of training the Heroes. His knowledge of the art of war is endless.

Astral Ascension is in development for PC (Steam) and consoles.

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