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It’s worth it | ‘Overprime’ gets 2nd closed beta date, accepting signups

surcharge combines a 3D 3rd person shooter with the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, celebrating both the dynamic attacking skills of unique heroes and the thrilling atmosphere of science-inspired battlegrounds. fiction.

Choose one of the powerful heroes with unique skills and work with your teammates to achieve Prime Battlefield objectives. Take to the battlefield with Prime heroes and feel the thrill of the action.

Lead the team with the tactical use of powerful skills! Use each hero’s skills wisely to build a unique strategy to conquer the opponent’s base. Cooperate with your companions to discover ingenious new ways to fight as a team. Unite, organize and lead your team to victory!

There are multiple heroes, and each hero is unique with specific skills and combat techniques. Which items you equip your hero with can determine the outcome of the battle. Try different sets by customizing various items to make your hero invincible. In Training Mode, you can test different heroes and items, improve your gaming skills, and find new ways to use the battlefield. New heroes will be constantly added in the future, so you will never stop enjoying trying new sets and combinations.

Netmarble has announced the second closed beta test (CBT) for surchargewhich will run from April 28 at 7:00 PM PT through May 9 at 3:00 AM PT, and interested players can request access on the game’s Steam page.

Players can prepare for the closed beta by pre-downloading the game from April 25 at 7:00 PM PT through April 28.

During the 11-day test period, players from around the world will join the battle across 7 server regions, including Seoul, Frankfurt, Virginia, Singapore, San Paulo, Hong Kong, and Bahrain. The CBT will also support over 28 languages.

After the first successful CBT, players can expect several new updates, including:

  • Game optimization – a wide range of game settings will allow more players to enjoy surchargelike the ability for users of graphics cards with lower specs to continue playing
  • Advanced user interface – several visual improvements have been added, including a new mini-map, as well as shops and in-game items
  • Improved tutorial – a new guide has been added for new MOBA players to introduce surchargeUnique gameplay mechanics including Guardian and Dunk System

There will also be a Creator Partner Recruitment Event from April 15 to April 24. Selected streamers will be able to stream the Overprime CBT experience and earn special rewards.

Using the strengths of “Paragon” developed by Epic Games in 2016, surcharge succeeds the previous title, bringing a whole new 3D TPS MOBA experience to users, while comparing the smooth and high-quality graphics of the previous title.

surcharge is in development for PC (Steam).

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