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It’s worth it | ‘Romans: Age of Caesar’ gets a PC release date

Let’s build Rome together!

A co-op MMORTS from a team of veteran city-building developers, Romans: Age of Caesar is the latest historical strategy game from Stronghold developers Firefly Studios. In Romans, players must rebuild the empire by gathering resources, restoring trade routes, and protecting shared city-states from barbarian invasion!

Following the success of Fortress Kingdomsprototyping began on a spiritual successor that would become Romans: Age of Caesar. Building on their legacy of Roman simulation games, Firefly have designed an online city builder with thousands of players working together to rebuild the great cities of Rome. The result is a shared world builder that harkens back to the classic Roman setting that set designer Simon Bradbury and producer Eric Ouellette made their name with before founding Firefly Studios in 1999.

Experience classic city-building gameplay online as you build, trade, and battle alongside other players in a shared open world. With up to 16 players per city, governors must cooperate to grow and begin to rebuild the empire.

Beyond your district lies a vast empire map filled with new settlements, unique resources, and growing threats. Forge alliances with otherwise rival city-states, revive the republic, and restore the Roman Empire to its former glory!

Engage in tactical combat to push the barbarian frontiers in PvE or engage in political warfare, forging alliances to claim glory in epic battles in PvP. Spill blood or work alongside other governors, defeating common threats and increasing the prosperity of your shared city-states.

With the ultimate goal of being crowned Caesar, players must carefully fight their way to the senate. Earn the trust of your political partners and rise with them in the lower houses or betray former allies when it suits you best. Maneuver between different loyalties, positions, and even gods, to stay politically agile and succeed in your ultimate quest for power.

As we approach the Steam launch of Romans: Age of Caesar on April 27, we wanted to discuss Rome (or Roma as Aaron likes to say) and its hold on our lives and imaginations. Through its influence on law, architecture, commerce, military tactics, arts and crafts, ancient Rome has its hold on developers around the world.

Today we’re incredibly excited to tell you why the Eternal City of Echoes and the empire that blossomed from its industrious seeds became the setting for our latest, most ambitious online game, Romans: Age of Caesar. The game is unique in its ability to allow players to actively engage with historical settings, making your experience much more personal as active participants, instead of just passive observers.

As each genre chooses different dimensions of Roman civilization to examine, we are particularly interested in bringing to life the architectural, economic and political planning necessary to transform a city in the south of the Italian peninsula into a continental empire that spanned centuries to cause of natural disasters. , civil wars, barbarian invasions and power-hungry tyrants.

Likewise, advances in technology have meant that in everything from music and design to visual arts and gameplay, the ways we can recreate and artistically represent Roman life have evolved over the years, with many new avenues of technical experimentation while building on the classic urban building heritage that Firefly Studios is known for.

Main characteristics:

  • BUILD Rome together – Rebuild the great cities of Rome with up to 16 players and ally with thousands of others across the empire.
  • DEVELOP your economy – Specialize your city’s district to meet the needs of your fellow governors, cooperate to prosper and grow.
  • REFORGE an empire – Resist barbarians and the threats of treacherous politicians by establishing new settlements and trade routes.
  • BECOME Caesar – Negotiate your way through the lower levels of the Senate, aiming hard for Caesar’s title and power.

Romans: Age of Caesar is coming to PC (Steam) on April 27, 2022.

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