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Johnson Trailer Sales specializes in livestock trailers for sale in Minot and Williston, North Dakota

When it comes to livestock trailers for sale in Minot and Williston, ND, Johnson Trailer Sales is the right choice.

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Bismarck, ND – (ReleaseWire) – 07/04/2022 – With modern livestock trailers, transporting sheep, pigs, goats and other animals has become exceptionally easier. Towing a cattle trailer is standard practice on most farms and ranches. For ranchers, horse owners, or those with livestock, Johnson Trailer Sales is the right place to come.

As a leading trailer supplier, Johnson Trailer Sales offers a wide variety of trailers. Depending on needs and budgets, the company helps customers find the trailer that suits them best.

Livestock trailers for sale in Minot and Williston, North Dakota are available in various styles, makes, and models. The two main types of livestock trailers are the bumper and the gooseneck. Each has its share of advantages. Bumper trailers are the most conventional style of a livestock trailer. As the name suggests, they cling to the vehicle to tow the trailer. Most bumper trailers are compact and lightweight. They are generally used to transport small horses, ponies, goats and sheep over short distances. The ease of maintenance and maneuvering and the ability to connect, even with limited space, make it an instant choice.

This type of trailer is ideal for pet owners on a tight budget or who don’t have the truck to tow a gooseneck trailer. Plus, they can get much better gas mileage than their heavier counterparts.

As with too many large animals, it would be better to choose a gooseneck style trailer. These vary in size but can extend up to 36 feet, giving ample space to move livestock.

A pickup truck may require an appropriate truck bed hitch to haul a gooseneck trailer. This configuration provides more stability and a smoother ride for owners and their animals. Gooseneck trailers are ideal for transporting multiple animals over long distances, as they create a safer and more secure environment.

Due to their size and bulk, gooseneck trailers cost significantly more. The extra weight will also reduce fuel efficiency during travel. The extra space and ability to carry more animals could more than offset the added cost over time.

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About Johnsen Trailer Sales, Inc.
Founded in 1959, Johnsen Trailer Sales, Inc. has maintained its local reputation and expanded it across the state and region. They have an extensive inventory of semi-trailers and semi-trailer parts.

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