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Kaiju #8 Anime Adaptation Confirmed With First Trailer

The official Kaiju #8 Twitter account announced on August 4, 2022 that an anime adaptation was in production. The ad was first teased on August 1 always on twitter, with a countdown to August 5 at midnight JST. This countdown ended with the reveal of a cinematic trailer for the anime.

The countdown made it clear that this would be a big announcement, and since Kaiju #8 didn’t have an anime yet, most fans correctly guessed that was what would be announced. It’s also important to note that the ad doesn’t specify whether this is an animated movie or an animated television series. The trailer also doesn’t show any actual anime footage.


The trailer features the Toho Animation logo. Toho is a kaiju-sized company in Japan and one of the biggest movie distributors there: it owns the Godzilla IP and several cinemas, among other things. Toho Animation is an animation studio that launched in 2012, but rather than a traditional animation studio, it’s more like a gathering of producers looking for talent to work on their shows. I believe it’s a similar company to A-1 Pictures in that they don’t really have animators directly on staff.

In other words, the actual staff and studio(s) working on Kaiju #8 will be announced at a later date, and the trailer literally reveals nothing. Drip feed like this is a pretty common marketing tactic in the anime industry these days, as a way to spread hype and interest for a series on social media. A English Twitter account was also launched with the trailer and more information will be released there in the future.

Introducing Kaiju #8 by Naoya Matsumoto and its original premise

The original Kaiju manga #8 is written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto, and this is his first long-running series. The manga began airing in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on July 3, 2020, so the series just celebrated its second anniversary.

Kaiju #8 initially focuses on a pretty interesting concept. Contrary to popular belief, kaiju and mecha series have always focused on inner conflicts, mythologies, politics, etc. of their characters. Even Mazinger Z starts with Kouji pointing out all the destruction he can cause fighting the kaiju in his mech suit. Kaiju No.8 has a similar twist and starts out focusing not on battles against kaiju but on their aftermath.

The protagonist, Kafka Hibino, starts out as a cleaner, clearing kaiju corpses around town after the coolest heroes defeat them. Kafka has repeatedly failed the kaiju defense force exam, but through a certain twist, he finally gains the means to fight the kaiju himself. In other words, Kafka ends up getting his own “mecha” at the end of Chapter 1. You should read it yourself so you don’t spoil the surprise.

Overall, Kaiju #8 is an action shonen with comic and grotesque kaiju designs mixed in. Naoya Matsumoto also worked on other popular shonen as an assistant, including Beelbzebub with Ryuhei Tamura.

Kaiju No. 8 can be read officially every week on Manga Plus, just like most manga published in Shonen Jump magazine.

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