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Kingdom Hearts 4: Release date, gameplay, trailers and more

the kingdom hearts 4 the release date has undoubtedly been on the minds of many gamers ever since the game was announced during the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary live stream on April 10, 2022. Three years after the release of kingdom hearts 3fans can already look forward to the next iteration of the main Kingdom Hearts series. Here’s everything we currently know about kingdom hearts 4including its release date, trailers, gameplay, etc.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

From now on, the kingdom hearts 4 the release date is unknown. The game was announced with a spin-off title, Kingdom Hearts missing linkwhich will be playable in a closed beta for select regions in August 2022.

However, no such information was given for kingdom hearts 4. It’s possible the game is early in the development process, which means fans might have to wait a bit before learning what the game is. kingdom hearts 4 the release date will be. According to the previous episode, it was announced in June 2013 and only released in January 2019, almost six years later. Hoping the wait for this one isn’t enough so long.

Kingdom Hearts 4 trailers

So far, the only images we’ve seen of kingdom hearts 4 came from its 20th anniversary stream reveal trailer. In the trailer, we see that the series’ main character, Sora, has stepped away from the cartoon worlds of previous games and instead woken up in the realistic Shibuya-inspired Quadratum.

Even so, the trailer also reveals to us that the iconic Disney characters that have been so important throughout the franchise will be making an appearance once again in kingdom hearts 4. Although we only see a bit of gameplay and very little is explicitly revealed about the game, the trailer still provides several clues as to what we should expect from the upcoming game. Kingdom Hearts Title.

Kingdom Hearts 4 game

kingdom hearts 4 will likely feature many of the same core gameplay mechanics as previous entries in the action role-playing video game series. During the brief gameplay section seen in the reveal trailer, it is shown that Sora will once again use his signature Keyblade to perform combo attacks up close.

In the trailer, Sora lunges at a giant black monster, using his Keyblade to aid it as it performs parkour maneuvers on cars, street poles, and bridges. His Keyblade even appears to feature some kind of grappling hook, which he can use to latch onto distant objects and get closer to them.

Sora also runs up the wall of a building and slides down a disconnected hallway the monster threw into the air before finally launching a magic attack. At this point, we see Sora summon a magic drill which he uses to block a punch from his enemy before launching the drill into the monster’s heart.

While this brief gameplay section provided a quick overview of many unique aspects of the kingdom hearts 4 combat system, fans may have to wait closer to the game’s release date for more information on exactly how its gameplay will differ from previous ones. Kingdom Hearts Games.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Characters

Strelitzia in Kingdom Hearts 4, whose release date is not specified.

Of course, Sora will once again be the main protagonist of kingdom hearts 4, this time sporting a noticeably smaller pair of shoes. Also, we learned at the end of the trailer that Donald and Goofy will return as Sora’s sidekicks.

It also appears that Strelitzia, a character who debuted in Kingdom Hearts Union χwill figure prominently in kingdom hearts 4. We also see two mysterious hooded figures watching Sora as he battles the monster, one of which could be the Master of Masters.

Another character is hinted at near the very end of the trailer, when Donald and Goofy turn away from a blue flame. Then a deep voice calls out to them and they turn around scared by everything they see off camera. The blue flame may suggest that Hercules‘ Hades might make a comeback in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Story

A mysterious hooded figurine in Kingdom Hearts 4, the release date of which is not specified.

kingdom hearts 3 concluded the Dark Seeker Saga series. As a result, kingdom hearts 4 will usher in a new storyline known as the Lost Master Arc. Although little is known about the history of kingdom hearts 4the trailer provides some interesting details that hint at potential story elements.

After Sora wakes up from his week-long slumber, Strelitzia tells him that while Quadratum is “full of life”, it’s really more of an “afterlife” for the two of them. Considering that Strelitzia was killed at the end of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, this implies that Sora himself may have been killed and transported to some sort of afterlife. If Sora is in fact dead, it makes all the more sense that Hades is an important character in kingdom hearts 4.

Additionally, Quadratum was previously depicted as existing in a separate universe, suggesting that Sora may now find himself in a completely different reality. Finally, the very fact that the upcoming storyline is called Lost Master Arc indicates that the Master of Masters will likely play an important role in kingdom hearts 4.

Kingdom Hearts 4 platformer

Donald and Goofy are spooked at the end of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, the release date of which is not specified.

Square Enix has yet to announce which platforms fans can expect kingdom hearts 4 be available on. However, kingdom hearts 3 initially launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before later heading to PC and Nintendo Switch. Consequently, it is possible Kingdom Hearts fans could enjoy the upcoming game on several different consoles after the kingdom hearts 4 release date.

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