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Law enforcement investigates stolen trailers in Sweetwater County

FRESH WATER COUNTY – Local law enforcement agencies are investigating several cases where cargo trailers, some containing recreational vehicles, have been stolen from businesses and residences.

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), Rock Springs Police Department (RSPD) and Green River Police Department (GRPD) are all investigating cases of cargo trailer theft from businesses and residences . Some of these freight trailers contained a recreational vehicle. In one case, an empty freight trailer was stolen, driven to another location outside of Sweetwater County, and filled with stolen RVs.

“Our detectives are aware of at least six cases between our agency, GRPD and RSPD involving the theft of cargo trailers with RVs or related items inside,” said Jason Mower, head of public affairs for the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office. “We have investigated two of these cases in the past four to six weeks. “

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Both SCSO cases involved cargo trailers stolen from unsecured commercial or industrial lots. One case included a cargo trailer with an RV inside, and the other case included an empty cargo trailer that was then filled with an RV stolen from another location outside of Sweetwater County, according to Mower.

“In each of our two cases, the trailers and contents were recovered in Utah,” he said. “One of the stolen trailers was locked and the padlock cut; the other was not locked, and neither had hitch or tongue locks.

SCSO urges residents to secure their trailers closed with heavy-duty commercial-grade tab latches and latches. They are also asking residents to consider setting up some sort of surveillance system to help investigators in the event of theft.

The RSPD is currently investigating several incidents involving the theft of closed trailers containing recreational vehicles, a recent RSPD article on social media said.

“These are the real cargo trailers that are stolen,” said Jennifer Maze, public information officer for the RSPD. “The three that were stolen also had RVs inside. None of the freight trailers had hitch locks.

According to Maze, the Rock Springs trailers were stolen from businesses and residences at different times of the day and on different days.

“Freight trailers can be secured with hitch locks or removable hitches,” Maze said.

GRPD officers also continue to investigate a case where two jet skis, along with the trailer, were stolen from Logan Street in Green River on August 2. On August 4, the green jet ski and trailer were picked up in Utah, along with two paddle boards, said Jamie Green, the GRPD’s public information officer. The paddleboards are believed to be stolen goods and the GRPD is still trying to locate the owner of the paddleboards.

The GRPD is still looking for information on who owns these paddleboards. GRPD photo

“We recommend that if you have a trailer parked on the street, you put a trailer hitch lock on it. Keep vehicles and trailers locked, don’t leave keys in ATVs, vehicles or UTVs, ”Green said. “If you have home surveillance, make sure it’s working and recording properly, and report any suspicious activity. ”

Sweetwater County isn’t the only area in the state to see cargo trailers stolen. According to a social media post by Uinta County Law Enforcement Services on August 3, in the early morning hours of August 2, a white closed trailer containing two side-by-side was stolen from a residence in Lyman. The trailer may have been picked up by someone driving a late model white Ram 2500 pickup.

Have information?

All law enforcement agencies continue to investigate these thefts, anyone with information is encouraged to call them.

If you have seen the red jet ski or have any information regarding the theft, please contact GRPD Detective Rob Fischer. [email protected] or call 307-872-0555.

Anyone with information regarding these or similar incidents in Sweetwater County should contact Detective Sgt SCSO Hall at (307) 922-5331.

Anyone with information regarding thefts in Rock Springs can contact the RSPD Detective Division at 307-352-1588 or message them on their Facebook page.

Anyone with information about the stolen trailer near Lyman can contact the Lyman Police Department at 307-787-6500. This information can also be shared via SMS with Crime Stoppers at 307-708-CASH (2274).

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