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League Of Legends Releases New Trailer And Info For Champion Renata Glasc

During the launch of new champion Renata Glasc, League of Legends dropped a new trailer and previewed her design.

Most recent League of Legends champion, Renata Glasc, makes her way through the rift today with patch 12.4. The past few years have seen many new champions added to League of Legends; when the game was new, Riot was known to release up to 24 champions in a single year. Although the release speed of champions has dropped significantly since those days, the popular MOBA already boasts a huge cast of playable characters, and the list keeps growing.

Renata is League of Legends‘ 159th champion, and the second to be released in 2022. Its release follows that of Zeri, The Spark of Zaun, a mobile sniper who shares some stylistic aspects and a voice actor with the simultaneously released Neon of the tactical FPS game from Riot. Valorant. Zeri’s character biography details her enmity with the chemistry barons of Zaun and this story is gearing up for the release of league of legendthe latest version of.


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Renata Glasc, The Chem Baroness joins the ranks of playable champions in League of Legends as part of Patch 12.4, which goes live today. Renata Glasc’s Champion Spotlight is now visible on the League of Legends Youtube channel. Renata brings a new flavor of enchanter to the roster of League of Legends support the champions. She lends a plus”sinister twist“to the normal enchanter support ally empowerment mechanics according to game designer Blake “Squad5” Smith in her Champion Insights article on the League of Legends website. Riot Cashmiir continues, “Power has a price, manipulate your enemies, force your allies to fight beyond death. These are the avenues Squad5 found to craft an evil enchanter.”

Renata Glasc and her sinister League of Legends moveset embodies an evil that everyone is uncomfortable with in the real world, but would generally be surprising to find in a fantasy game like League of Legends. There are many places in Runeterra where it would be impossible for a character like Renata, or Mrs. Glasc, as she demands to be called, to feel appropriate. However, the towns of Piltover and Zaun, recently explored in Riot’s hit Netflix show Esoteric, are perfect for a menacing figure like her. As Riot Cashmiir puts it, “Zaun and Piltover are unique to Runeterra. They are cities of progress, technology and rampant inequality.”

Renata’s kit includes a number of very unique abilities, including mechanics that have never been seen before in League of Legends. Even her simplest abilities, like Handshake, which lets her throw an enemy (including champions), have the feel of an imperious chemical baroness. Bailout gives an ally a scaling buff to their attack speed and movement speed towards enemy champions and will revive them if they die while active, making it only the third spell game that can bring a champion back to life. His ultimate is an AOE spell with a unique twist on Taunt effects, which forces affected enemies to attack their allies.

Early in the process of creating Renata Glasc, the team explored the use of Silco, the Zaun crime lord of Esoteric. However, in trying to adapt Silco as League of Legends champion, rather than as a character on the show, they found that he had stopped feeling like the character he really was, and as such abandoned that direction. Every aspect of Renata’s design, from her chemtech mask to her artistic yet deadly prosthetic arm, is designed to complement her character, the world she inhabits, and the other champions who inhabit it with her. Renata Glasc comes League of Legends today, with his shadowy chemtech enterprise in tow.

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League of Legends is available on PC and Mac.

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