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“Lightyear” Trailer Looks More Like “Star Wars” Than “Toy Story”

Photo by Dan Gentile

A photo from the new trailer for “L’Éclair”.


It’s been almost a year since Pixar announced a spin-off of its beloved “Toy Story” franchise. Today, the trailer has finally arrived.

Scheduled for release on June 17, 2022, the film tells the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the swashbuckling astronaut originally voiced by Tim Allen. Chris Evans has since taken over the role, a decision that was initially met with disappointment fans. Perhaps in response to the previous fan uproar, Lightyear doesn’t speak at all in the trailer.

On David Bowie’s song “Starman”, the trailer begins with Lightyear strapped into a space shuttle that maybe looks a little too much like an X-Wing from “Star Wars” and flying very, very close to the sun. Next, the trailer goes into edit mode, in which he is shown thoughtfully watching an alien sunset, then landing his ship in a dark forest that again looks like Yoda’s home planet, Dagobah. There are droids (like WALL-E crossed with BB-8) and a few wacky alien encounters, and a conclusion showing Buzz first marveling at his signature spacesuit.

It definitely sounds more like “Star Wars” than “Toy Story”, which might not be a bad thing in the end, but it’s certainly a surprise given the personality they’ve already established. for Lightyear. It’s an origin story after all, so maybe it lays the groundwork for the oversized ego that comes with its toy counterpart. Only time will tell, but regardless of how Buzz looks very Buzzy in this trailer, fans will likely always be very excited to follow him on his journey to Infinity and beyond.

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