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Lightyear’s New Trailer Gives Toy Story Fans More Hits For Their Buzz

The official trailer for Pixar’s Lightyear movie has given fans a better look at the space keeper under the helmet.

Villainous robots, cat companions – one that’s sure to join the long list of iconic Disney sidekicks – and that iconic green and white costume all feature prominently in the new images. The trailer ends with the confirmation of Lightyear’s June 17 release date, which was previously revealed in the film’s first teaser in October 2021.

We’re also treated to a fuller look at Chris Evans’ take on the title character. The actor replaces Tim Allen in a role he had voiced for more than two decades, though fans can now rest assured that Evans’ casting hasn’t taken away the buzz from Pixar’s beloved franchise.

Check out the new trailer below:

While the anthemic tones of David Bowie’s Starman are again used throughout, this new footage does a better job of giving fans a sense of the story Lightyear will tell.

We now know, for example, that the film will see Buzz working with Star Command to escape a planet where he and his team of Space Rangers have been marooned. Taking the lead on a dangerous mission, audiences will find the character in a position of seniority (and by extension, responsibility) among his peers, rather than as a junior astronaut.

Incidentally, Keke Palmer, Dale Soules and Taika Waititi have all lent their voices to rookies working alongside Buzz, while frequent Pixar collaborator Peter Sohn brings Sox the animatronic (and toy-store) cat to life. from Buzz. companion.

Several Zurg-like robots also make an appearance in this new trailer, suggesting that the notorious Evil Emperor – or at least some variant of it – may have a role in the Space Rangers’ unfortunate situation. Check out a screenshot of Buzz battling one of these big bads below:

Buzz fighting an enemy robot in Lightyear

Buzz Fights a Familiar Robot Enemy in New Lightyear Trailer (Image credit: Disney Pixar)

It has also been confirmed that Disney alumnus Michael Giacchino (known for his work on Ratatouille, The Batman and Spider-Man: No Coming Home) is on board to compose Lightyear’s score – so expect an award-winning soundtrack of galactic proportions.

Elsewhere in the new trailer, we’re treated to more of the same beautiful and stunning visuals (just to see in the colors of this hyperspace sequence) and have a taste of the usual humor that Pixar fans can expect to enjoy in the studio’s latest project.

Analysis: towards the Infinite and… the cinemas?

One of the most anticipated New Movies of the year, Lightyear is set to debut in theaters around the world, rather than arriving immediately on Disney+.

Coincidentally, this will make Toy Story’s planned origin story the first Pixar movie since Toy Story 4 to hit theaters, after the global pandemic saw Soul, Onward and Luca head straight to the Disney streamer.

That being said, we recently saw Disney reverse their decision to follow a theatrical release schedule with another of their upcoming projects. Turning Red was slated for theaters in March, but the studio has since reversed its decision and will instead release the film exclusively on Disney Plus, much to the chagrin of moviegoers.

Our guess, however, is that Lightyear will weather the storm. While the threat of Covid-19 has yet to subside, landmark films like Spider-Man: No Way Home have proven fans’ willingness to return to theaters in droves (if a film is enticing enough, that is- to say).

Chris Evans’ star power could also be a great asset in luring bums to the seats, while the ever-true appeal of nostalgia, especially from a Toy Story perspective, could also convince Disney that keeping Lightyear on the on track for a theatrical release is a safe bet. At least we have Space Ranger’s fingers crossed.

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