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Love and Thunder Trailer Tells Us About Thor’s Future

After years of waiting (yes, years), the patience of Marvel Comics and MCU fans has been rewarded with a brand new trailer for the next one to come. Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder. While the trailer itself says very little about the film’s actual plot, it does say a lot about the direction the film, and by extension the character, will take for his next upcoming adventure.

With that in mind, it’s important to state that Thor holds a unique position among the original Avengers (introduced in 2012 The Avengers), in which he is one of the few members of that original team who is not dead or retired, and is the only one to have a fourth film about him. While Captain America 4 has been confirmed, the film will focus on the adventures of Sam Wilson’s Captain America, not Steve Rogers. Thor is the only one whose post-Avengers adventures: End of Game that fans will actually get to see and experience.


While Thor has yet to officially retire from the Avengers, the trailer’s opening narration makes it clear that’s exactly what he plans to do. Retirement, however, isn’t easy for those who risk their lives on a semi-regular basis, as Thor is almost certain to find out.

While the trailer shows Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor (played by Natalie Portman), it’s obvious that love and thunder Still as much about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. The passing of the torch (or, in this case, a hammer) between the two Thors will no doubt be seen in the film. Even if Natalie Portman’s Thor takes over the hammer and becomes a full-time Thor, what will Chris Hemsworth’s Thor be left with? What does a god have to do when he retires, and can one ever truly retire?

Put down his hammer

One little-known fact about Thor (Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, that is) that most people tend to forget is that he’s actually well over 1,500 years old, which means that he’s fought longer than the oldest and most experienced Avengers have ever been alive. Fighting this long tends to leave the most physical and mental scars, and Thor is likely to be no different. Something he also tends to leave out, however, is enemies. Enemies who don’t necessarily know that the person they want revenge on is retired.

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Living for over 1,500 years and given his personality, Thor has probably fought for most of that time. He almost certainly has his fair share of enemies who would no doubt like to see his head separated from his body. Maybe that’s where Christian Bale’s character Gorr the Butcher God comes in. Whether or not he’s an old enemy, given his title, he’ll probably still want Thor dead anyway. and probably won’t care about retirement. Putting down your gun and living a simple life is an incredibly noble and virtuous goal in itself, but sometimes the journey to get there can be as difficult as not retiring at all. It’s something Thor will no doubt find out.

Odinson’s Legacy

In the original Marvel comics, Thor (as in Odin’s son Thor) eventually passes his hammer to Jane Foster following an incident in which he became unworthy to weld it for a time, then the discovers swinging it. Although he doesn’t immediately know that this new Mighty Thor is, in fact, his old flame, he allows Jane Foster to keep the hammer and continue in the role of Thor with his blessing. After that, Thor (the original Thor) doesn’t necessarily retire.

Instead, he replaces his severed right arm (because it happened) with the right arm from the Destroyer armor and forges himself a brand new weapon, the ax known as Jarnbjorn. With his new arm and ax in hand, Thor then sets out to continue doing what he has always done. Instead of going by name, he chooses to go by Odinson’s nickname instead, presumably as a way to tell the two Thors apart.

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The trailer doesn’t say if this is the same path Hemsworth’s Thor will take. However, it does show that the opportunity is there if Marvel Studios doesn’t necessarily want to retire his character just yet. Chris Hemsworth said he was more than willing to play the character for as long as Marvel Studios would let him because he really enjoyed portraying him. There could also be a way Marvel Studios can play it both ways.

Hemsworth’s Thor can officially retire and find a simple life worth living, but he’s called into action when the universe (or multiverse) is threatened by the latest big bad. He could become the elderly, grizzled veteran hero who jumps back into action just when he thought he was out. As one of the few original Avengers still kicking around, he could very well pull it off.

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