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Love and Thunder – Who are the Celestials in the new trailer?

In Marvel Comics, the term Celestial can be a bit confusing. Traditionally, powerful beings with incredible cosmic abilities could be considered celestial, including The Living Tribunal, Death, and many others. However, there are also the Celestials who first appeared in Jack Kirby’s The Eternals comic. When they first appeared, they existed outside of the main continuity and were only later integrated into the universe. Since then, they have co-existed with the other Celestials and made a name for themselves as divine beings.

Initially, one of these appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy, but another was not seen again until Eternals. In this film, they had a more humanoid appearance and dropped their armored aesthetic when. Now a new place to Thor: Love and Thunder teased another look at more classically designed Celestials on Olympus. While they may be there as comic relief, there may be an even more detailed or terrifying reason why they appeared. But which Celestials appeared in the TV Spot?

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Arishem the judge may have reappeared

Arishem, the leader of the Celestials, was last seen taking on the remaining Celestials who had stopped Tiamut’s birth and saved Earth by Eternals. Not only did he create the Eternals, but he is also the judge of many worlds. In the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Arishem’s primary purpose was to decide whether or not a planet deserved to be spared from destruction based on its history. In Thor: Love and Thunder, the Celestial on the right wore armor very similar to his comic counterpart. But depending on when the movie takes place, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be there if he’s busy judging Earth.

Ziran the tester may be examining the power within

On the left, a Celestial with a helmet design similar to Ziral the Tester also appeared. In the comics, Ziral’s primary goal was to test the lifeforms he helped evolve to see how they fared over the centuries. Only when he deems them ready to return to their home planet will he send them back. Ziral has yet to appear in the MCU, making this appearance his potential debut. But if he’s not testing anyone, he’s either there to remove and start new tests on some Olympians, or to be a plus for another Celestial.

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Tefral the Surveyor may be watching Olympus before the devastation

If the Celestial on the right is not Arishem, there are others whose armor vaguely resembles them. An example is Tefral the Strider, one of the most benign but intimidating Celestials. In the comics, his purpose was to survey the landscape of a planet. It could withstand the power of a nuclear bomb and is one of the last deciding factors for a planet’s survival. As he viewed humanity as a jolt in the cosmos, he understood the value life should have, and those who would endanger it hinder their chances of survival with it. In love and thunderhe may be surveying Olympus before its possible destruction, either by his people or by Gorr the Butcher-God.

Gammenon the measurer could be looking for new experiences

Gammenon the Measurer may not have as ornate a helmet as Ziral, but the MCU has proven on more than one occasion that it’s not afraid to change up characters’ appearances. That said, on the left side of the screen, if the Celestial shown isn’t Ziral, Gammenon would be another potential pick due to his sole purpose. In the comics, he would be sent to different worlds to gather plants, animals, and humanoids for experimentation. This was often how the Celestials experimented and evolved species to create new life. If any of these Celestials were Gammenon, they might be ready to experiment and create a whole new race of beings.

To see which Celestials show up, Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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