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Magic: The Gathering Anime Trailer Reveals Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Characters

Magic: The Gathering’s Japanese-inspired expansion debuts a new animated trailer created by Attack on Titan and Ranking of Kings’ Wit Studio.

Wizards of the Coast has released a new anime trailer for Magic: The Gatheringthe latest extension of, Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty.

The new video focuses on the characters from the new expansion set. The animation for the video was done by Wit Studio, the famous animation company behind the first three seasons of the The attack of the Titans anime, as well as several other critically acclaimed series, such as 2021 Ranking of kings and Vivy: Fluorite Eye Song. The trailer is set to the song “Scratch”, which is created by TK of Japanese band Ling Tosite Sigure, who previously performed the opening theme for tokyo ghoul. The song also features guest vocals from musician B’z Koshi Inaba.

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neon dynasty will see Magic return to the Japanese-inspired Kamigawa frame that debuted in the 2004s Kamigawa Champions together. The new expansion takes place 1,200 years after the original expansion and features a more futuristic version of the aircraft. The expansion will feature over 300 cards and reintroduce the Ninjutsu keyword ability to the game.

Wizards of the Coast collaborated with a number of Japanese artists in the production and promotion of the new set. In addition to Wit Studio’s new video, the game company has previously exploited Solid metal gear and Death Stranding character designer Yoji Shinkawa to create card art for the expansion. Shinkawa was also joined by artist Raita Kazama, who previously created the character designs for Nintendo and Monolith Soft’s first game. Xenoblade Chronicles series. Cards featuring Shinkawa and Kazama’s art will only be available through a special Buy-A-Box promotion offered by select retailers.

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Viewers who want to see more animations from Wit Studio can check out the studio’s latest anime series, Ranking of kings, which is currently airing in Japan and simulcast internationally by Crunchyroll and Funimation. The series tells the story of Bojji, a young deaf-mute prince who wants to prove he can be as strong as the legendary kings who came before him. Wit Studio is also collaborating with studio CloverWorks on the anime adaptation of Tatsuya’s acclaimed Endo comic manga, Spy x Family. The highly anticipated new series is set to debut before the end of the year.

Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty first digitally in Magic: The Gathering Arena February 10. The set will be physically released on February 18.

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