Extendable trailer specs

Make your trailer visible at night

With the recent changes to Daylight Savings Time and the coming nights, there is still a lot of traffic on the rural roads after dusk.

This drives a need to be seen by other road users, so farmers and contractors need to ensure that trailers are to specification and fitted with working taillights and reflectors.

The recently released large Narva Model 49 LED rear combination lamps, created for the agricultural trailer sectors, feature a continuous neon-like LED light pipe that frames the lamp surround, creating a modern signature appearance, designed to enhance visibility and ensure that others on the road can’t miss spotting the trailer.

Plus, the LED light pipe stays on when other functions are off, while the high-quality optics of the tail, stop and indicator functions are designed to instantly grab the attention of those watching the race. trailer.

The Model 49 is just 46mm deep, with no visible screws or mounting holes, so it appears almost flush with the trailer body or frame. The lamps are made from virtually unbreakable coated polycarbonate lenses, which are scratch and chemical resistant unlike regular polycarbonate, making replacement unlikely, although for your peace of mind they do benefit from Narva’s 5-year LED warranty.

A range of configurations includes dual tail, stop and reverse direction, with all versions designed to suit 9-33V and supplied pre-wired with 0.5m of cable for ease of installation.


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