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Making Fun Trailer Shows A Group Of Builders Taking Orders From Kids

Experts come up with the wackiest and most useless ideas children have on March 4.

Picture via Netflix

It’s no secret that children have the wildest imaginations. When we are young, our creativity seems to know no bounds, even if the ideas we come up with are absolutely absurd or useless. Well, Netflix wants to harvest that raw, chaotic, creative energy with its new reality show. Mocking. The streamer has released a trailer for this whimsical new concept that pits a group of experienced builders led by the grumpy Jimmy Di Resta against the crazy ideas of the kids. The show brings expert-built fun to the platform on March 4.

The trailer shows off everything this show is about: DiResta and his team of experts taking orders from the kids to create the biggest and most utterly absurd builds imaginable. From catapults that launch cat shit to “dino-taco-toilets”(?) that vomit Mexican food, the team puts it all together and if it’s interesting enough or presents a unique challenge, they’ll take it on. Much of the fun comes not just from seeing these bizarre constructions come together, but from seeing the reactions of grown men with years of carpentry experience as they realize the horror they are about to create. under the orders of their child supervisors. DiResta however promises that “Some versions will be good, some will be bad, but all will be absolutely useless.”


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Picture via Netflix

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Netflix operated Mechelle Collins, Kevin Dilland mike odair to executive product Mocking, each of whom has a wealth of experience in the field of reality TV. Collins and Dill reunite after working on the hit game show The Millionaire Matchmaker. Odair, meanwhile, has more experience on the off-screen reality TV side, working as an executive producer for a few seasons of MTV. Ridiculous and A&E duck dynasty. Intuitive Entertainment will produce the series.

Here is the official synopsis from the streamer:

A group of skilled makers and lifelong friends – led by Jimmy DiResta – turns kids’ ideas for impossible builds into reality. If you have wood, need wood, or want an original, handmade, custom design of any kind, they’re the guys for the job.

Season 1 of Mocking launches on Netflix on March 4. Check out the trailer below to see DiResta and his crew build some wacky creations at the mercy of their boss children.

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