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Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor gameplay trailer

Crystal Dynamics has published Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor gameplay trailer showcasing all of his mechanics, cosmetics, and more.

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor: Origins

The gameplay trailer shows a lot of new information about this particular Mighty Thor in the game. The early parts of the video reveal the character’s origins and the lore of the game. In this game, she was ripped from an alternate timeline via a rift in space-time caused by Tachyon Anomalies. When she was still in her original timeline, she became the Mighty Thor after Thor Odinson gave up his mantle in his grief after the A-Day tragedy and Jane got cancer.

Voice actress

Zehra Fazal, known for her work on Apex Legends, Borderlands 3, and Destiny 2, is the voice of Jane Foster in this game.

The power of a thunder god

In the game, Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor has all the strength and power of a thunder god. She watched Thor work in battles and it helped her use Mjolnir easily. She has her own style with grace compared to Odinson.

Mighty Thor has unique talents with Mjolnir as All Mother’s Blessing, which is his new Intrinsic ability, and God Tempest, his new Overload, which is inspired by the Elder God sealed within Mjolnir. With All-Mother’s Blessing, it will build up the overload meter with melee attacks. When this bar is full, she can then unleash her mighty divine storm. It increases ranged hammer damage and can create shockwaves with each one.

Both abilities can be enhanced with mastery skills that will buff damage, increase shockwave strength, and may even increase generation and duration.

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor has a ranged attack combo called Quick Fire. This allows her to make a second, more powerful ranged attack by timing her throw when she grabs Mjolnir when it returns to her hand.

Ranged Power Attack is one of Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor’s abilities and has the Seek and Pin upgrade. It can allow Mjolnir to seek out and pin enemies without needing to aim. It will automatically find enemies and attack them easily.

Jane’s melee hits have a different style and add a hammer throw to her light attack combo, giving her extra range. Like Odinson, she also has moves like Headstrong but with her own twist. She has the Thunderkick, which will send enemies flying when hit.

Unleash all weapons

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor’s Ultimate Heroic is The All-Weapon. She will first send Mjolnir to seek out and destroy nearby enemies, then she will call upon the all-arms Undrjarn to protect her. It reduces all damage taken from hitting enemies along the way.

The All-Weapon has its own full set of specializations and allows customization of Mjolnir strikes. This can make them faster and channel a powerful shock against nearby enemies. Jane can also use the hammer as a defense shield.

With the addition of Jane, she is now the third member of Marvel’s Avengers to fly.

Equipment Benefits

Mighty Thor will share many Gear Perks with Thor. She has unique gear perks with her icon and hero-specific specialization.

  • Benefits of Classic Set Equipment will focus on perk synergy and highlight range-focused abilities while improving the ability of each heroic attack.
  • Critical reminder: Returning to your hand, any target hit with your hammer will be a critical hit.
  • Ranged Hammer Lethal Restoration: Defeating an enemy with a ranged hammer attack drops a Regen Pack.
  • Advantages of technical equipment will focus more on its overloaded mechanics and how it differs from Thor.
  • Unarmed Overdrive: Unarmed attacks generate 15% additional Overload Energy per attack.
  • Creeping Lethal Extension: Defeating enemies while God Tempest is active will extend the ability’s duration by 2.5 seconds.
  • Benefits of Apex Set Equipment will be tied to Jane’s heroic ultimate ability.
  • Ultimate Cryo Danger: Activating an Ultimate Heroic on the ground creates a Cryo Hazard.

Outfits of your choice

Jane has a variety of outfits to choose from based on the comics. She also has various Takedowns, Emotes, Nameplates, and even her own Hero Challenge map and mission chain.

Mighty Thor joins the long list of Marvel’s Avengers members.

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Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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