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Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2 trailer rules

Image of the article titled Masters of the Universe: Revelation Returns with a powerful trailer for Part 2

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Rarely are trailers as full of spoilers as this new video for the second half of Netflix Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Kevin smiththe ‘continuation’ of the 80s classic He-man cartoon. I guess it’s in the hope of winning back some of these growling fans who didn’t like the first half of the series. Hope this will work, because this trailer is absolutely rad like hell.

Certainly (as I admit Everytime I write on Masters of the Universe for io9) I am a huge He-Man fan, so I’m clearly biased. But it really seems like Smith saved the best – so much the best, all my wishes-for the second half of Revelation. Looked…

We already knew Wild man would arrive to kick Skelegod’s ass and, by extension (and narrative convention), that Prince Adam would not stay dead for long. Seeing Teela finally tap into her legacy as the Witch’s Daughter (who was only teased in the original series) to resurrect Adam is quite satisfying, as is knowing that she will fight Evil-Lyn, who is currently moonlighting. as the new witch of Castle Grayskull. , with a bat headdress matching the original version of the eagle.

The massive, epic battle that will clearly end the show seems to have all the Masters of the Universe character / figurine ever, which is really what all He-man fans always wished. It sounds fantastic, not the less because he teases the return of arguably the best character from the first half of Revelation, who turned out to be the horrible character from the 80s cartoon). But that scene where Prince Adam raises his arm in the air, calls out power without the power sword, sneaks into Savage He-Man and just beats holy hell out of Skelegod my jaw literally dropped. I’m glad the scene was so brief in the trailer, because while I’m glad to know it’s going to happen, I I can’t wait to see what Savage He-Man has in store.

And I can’t wait to see what else Masters of the Universe: Revelation in general a in reserve when Part 2 hits Netflix November 23.

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