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Minecraft Legends: trailers, gameplay and everything we know

Minecraft is one of the most successful and well-known games of all time, and it has gradually evolved into a powerful brand comprised of toys, books, merchandise, and more. Mojang Studios has also expanded the Minecraft universe to other video genres with the release of titles like Minecraft Dungeons. Next, the legendary creators of Minecraft turn to the action-strategy genre.

Minecraft Legends is the next Minecraft spin-off title, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from Mojang Studios so far. Here’s everything we know, including what the gameplay looks like, where you can watch the trailers, and when you can expect to play.

What is Minecraft Legends?

Official Minecraft Legends screenshot.

(Image credit: Mojang Studios | Xbox)

Minecraft Legends is an upcoming action-strategy title set in the Minecraft universe, developed through a partnership between Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. Mojang Studios has long expressed an interest in creating new Minecraft experiences, and Blackbird Interactive are experienced strategy game developers, making the duo a perfect partner in bringing Minecraft Legends to life as another great Xbox game.

During the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Mojang Studios took the stage to announce Minecraft Legends with a cinematic trailer, which also showed off a handful of gameplay towards the end. We know that Minecraft Legends tells the unlikely tale of all the mobs and people from Minecraft’s Overworld dimension who have banded together to fight the invading piglin forces that swarm from the terrifying Nether.

Players will take control of an unnamed hero to unite the Overworld and lead their forces in the raging war against the encroaching corruption of the Nether. Minecraft Legends will differ significantly from its Minecraft siblings in both gameplay and story, though it should stay true to the philosophies of Mojang Studios and the nature of Minecraft as a franchise.

Where can I watch Minecraft Legends trailers?

Minecraft Legends unveils the trailer

What is the gameplay in Minecraft Legends?

Official Minecraft Legends screenshot.

(Image credit: Mojang Studios | Xbox)

So far before its release, we don’t know everything about the gameplay of Minecraft Legends. That being said, we can infer a lot from the limited gameplay footage we have and the information provided by Mojang Studios on the Minecraft Legends portion of their site.

Minecraft Legends is a unique action-strategy game, mixing elements of third-person action games with real-time strategy titles. At its core, Minecraft Legends is a strategy game that challenges players to lead armies in real time to emerge victorious in hectic battles. However, you will be in the middle of the action, becoming the center of every battle alongside your forces.

You’ll also explore a new take on Minecraft Overworld, discover valuable resources, peaceful villages, and more. Minecraft Legends will task you with defending these settlements, battling hordes of hog forces, scouting for new allies to add to your army, building outposts, and beyond.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t know much about the details. Information is scarce, but we can see that players will be spending much of their time in Minecraft Legends atop a trusty mount and able to lead friendly mobs nearby with various commands. Minecraft Legends also has its own third-person combat mechanics, although we didn’t see much other than the usual swinging of a sword.

We know that Minecraft Legends will support online co-op for its campaign experience, allowing players to jump in with their friends. Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft both offer fantastic online co-op experiences, and we expect Minecraft Legends to do the same. The game will also feature a competitive multiplayer mode, although we have absolutely no idea what this mysterious mode might entail.

Hopefully, we’ll learn a lot more about Minecraft Legends and its cross-genre gameplay as we get closer to the game’s eventual release, when that happens.

What is the release date of Minecraft Legends?

Official Minecraft Legends screenshot.

(Image credit: Mojang Studios | Xbox)

Minecraft Legends was revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which focused strictly on games arriving “within the next 12 months”. With a generic 2023 release window attached to the game, it’s reasonable to assume that Minecraft Legends should arrive at some point before June 2023. Of course, plans could absolutely change by then. A year is a long time for the development of a video game.

We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as we know more about the exact release date of Minecraft Legends.

What platforms get Minecraft Legends?

Mojang Studios maintains an unwavering “cross-platform” ethos and prides itself on being accessible and accessible to a wide range of players from all demographics, geographies, and platforms. With Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang Studios committed to this philosophy, despite technically being part of Xbox Game Studios.

Some have expressed concern that Microsoft might push Mojang Studios to change its ways with Minecraft Legends, but those fears are unfounded. Minecraft Legends is fully cross-platform, as is likely all future titles in the Minecraft franchise. Crossplay support has yet to be confirmed, although I expect Minecraft Legends to include it, even if it comes in a post-launch update (like with Minecraft Dungeons).

Minecraft Legends will launch simultaneously on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC on Microsoft Store and Steam. Minecraft Legends is also a day one launch title for Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, making it easy to play on any device via the cloud.

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