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Modern Warfare 2 trailer reveals gameplay

The new Call of Duty is set to hit all platforms later this year, and the new gameplay trailer has revealed it could be a familiar experience

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It’s no secret that the Call of Duty games in recent years have received mixed reception from fans and critics. The latest iteration of the series, Avant-garde, was a commercial success, but it also proved to everyone that developers can no longer release WWII titles as part of the franchise and expect it to be an automatic hit with fans. . It’s no wonder Activision turned to the modern warfare sub-series to get the brand as a whole back on track.

Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will act as a direct sequel to the 2019 release, itself a reboot of the smash hit games of the late 2000s. what players can expect when the game launches on October 28.

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Modern warfare returns to its roots

A long time Call of Duty fans may find the new level showcase oddly familiar. Named Operation: Dark Water, it takes place in what looks like a deep-sea facility and tasks the team with infiltrating it and stopping a missile launch. While there’s currently no context for the scale of the threat posed by the weapon, it’s impossible not to notice the similarities to the fourth game’s near-mythical second tier, Crew Expendable.

This seems to be a theme the developer is actively pursuing, with plenty of instantly recognizable guns, sights, animations, and gear as modern warfare staples. This design choice is clearly deliberate and seeks to secure fan support through nostalgia. Success beyond that, however, depends on how well they’ve replicated the fast, fast-paced style that drew an audience to the original.

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New game, same faces

Despite the shiny new exterior, Infinity Ward continues to build on past successes through its use of familiar characters. The new gameplay video featured a variety of returning characters, including Captain Price, John “Soap” McTavish, Simon “Ghost” Riley, and Kyle “Gaz” Garrick. Jeff Negus, Cinematographer and Cinematographer at Infinity Ward, has also confirmed that Colonel Rojas will return alongside new character Commander Graves.

Rojas’ return is interesting, as it likely dictates that these missions will take place before the events of the original. MW2, in which he is killed “by the streets”. It was further confirmed that this game would serve as an expansion of the modern warfare by the game’s general manager Johanna Faries, so the events that take place in tandem with the originals could serve more to pique the interest of the consumer base.

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Gameplay and immersion features are ready for a big upgrade

Much of the fuss around this new reveal has to do with how the engine will handle content. The ocean setting allows Infinity Ward to demonstrate impressive progress in several areas related to the game’s physics. The containers aboard the ship move with the tide, sliding back and forth across the deck. Avoiding them as danger makes the whole scene feel impressively alive, although coming into contact with them has consequences remains unclear.

The water physics were also praised, with rain bouncing off hard surfaces and waves crashing sideways. In a possible blow to PC gamers on restrictive hardware, these new elements cannot be disabled to reduce graphical fidelity, so running the title could prove a challenge at levels where effects like these are widely used. . The final thing to note here is the remarkably stripped-down HUD, with no ammo, position, or grenade display in the video. There is a display when new items are collected, but beyond that there are very few. It’s hard to say if this is a trailer-only design choice, but it’s one of the few that strays from the lore of the show on display.

Time to return to the ranks of Task Force 141?

With the game slated for release in just over four months, more specific narrative details will inevitably emerge soon. What’s clear from the fan reaction so far is that this return to a classic experience is largely viewed positively. Without full context, there is little here to criticize, but equally little to suggest that this new MW2 will break new ground in any meaningful new direction in the genre. One guarantee is that gamers on all platforms will be able to try, despite Microsoft’s agreement to acquire Activision Blizzard.

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