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Modular bolt-on off-road trailer from gear box to camper

Beaver Built Adventure Trailers of Canada has designed a tiny, super-rugged trailer that transforms into a full-fledged micro-camper via a modular ecosystem of bolt-on boxes and additional accessories. The trailer can simply battle scree, wade through freezing river water, and spit dust on its way to deliver adventure cargo deep into the local topography, or it can do all of this before expanding into a complete base camp with rooftop tent, outdoor kitchen and electricity. system. Buyers can equip it all at once with their initial order or add bolt-ons over time.

When we recently read Boreas Campers’ claim that they were the first trailer manufacturer in North America to use Cruisemaster suspension, it prompted us to find out which other North American manufacturers source parts from the company. Australian staple. Beaver Built was one of the new names that came up in our search, and the company proudly represents the northern part of North America in the Cruisemaster cushioned off-road trailer game.

It turns out that the Cruisemaster CRS² twin-shock suspension that dampens the 15-inch Vision wheels is one of the few standard features on Beaver Built’s 12-foot (3.7m) Wapos trailer. Other features of this grip include equally sturdy kit items like a galvanized steel frame, 31-inch Yokohama off-road tires and a matching full-size spare tire. The trailer hauls equipment and cargo inside and on top of its 1,223 liter powder coated aluminum box and on an in-house fabricated platform rack. The roof rack adjusts to 4 inches (10cm) in height, leaving room underneath for taller gear like a kayak or a set of paddle boards, useful if the rack itself is taken up by a rooftop tent.

The basic Wapos trailer comes with little more than sturdy construction and plenty of interior and exterior storage space.

Adventure Trailers Built by Beaver

This very basic entry-level configuration of the Wapos offers a bit of versatile utility by way of a drop-down tailgate that doubles as a food-grade stainless steel counter and a rear receiver hitch that can carry a bike carrier or other mounted hitch. the solution. The large tongue deck can also be used to tie down cargo, making the Wapos a capable little all-terrain gear hauler that weighs in at 1,050 lbs (476 kg).

Those who want a complete camper can take advantage of the Wapos’ 3,527 lb (1,600 kg) Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) by choosing from Beaver Built’s list of bolt-on accessories. The available front cargo box puts some of that large tongue platform to better use and can be fitted with a fridge slide sized for a 75L Yeti cooler or a Dometic fridge/freezer, sliding worktop and a utensil drawer. The front trunk also includes a roof rack extension so that the roof rack extends the full length of the main and front trunks.

A full kitchen ready to cook
A full kitchen ready to cook

Adventure Trailers Built by Beaver

The side lockers use the space above the fenders, adding an additional 227 liters of storage. Both boxes include front panel doors that fold into worktops, and the passenger side box can be further organized with a galley management system that includes a pull-out stove top, multiple storage drawers for cooking utensils kitchen and pantry items, and a pots and pans storage area.

The available rear drawer adds accessible organization to the tailgate area, providing a load capacity of 600 lbs (272 kg). Built-in slots allow users to divide the drawer into smaller compartments for neater organization and easier access to equipment and accessories.

Beaver Built also offers an electrical system and various other accessories, such as a spare tire carrier, upgraded Cruisemaster DO35 V3 coupling with handbrake and aluminum/spray guard over critical areas.

Above all else, Beaver Built trailers are built to hit and traverse rough terrain to reach remote adventures and campsites.
Above all else, Beaver Built trailers are built to hit and traverse rough terrain to reach remote adventures and campsites.

Adventure Trailers Built by Beaver

We like how Beaver Built has split what would typically be a large, multi-compartment box into a more modular design that allows shoppers to get what they need and leave behind what they don’t. Seems like a good way to make the trailer more affordable than the competition, but at US$14,999 for the most basic empty Wapos spec with the previously mentioned barebones standard features, we’re not sure it achieves that lower price. . Maybe if it were Canadian dollars, but switching to loonies pushes the price up to C$18,999.

And the list price of CA$35,699 for a fully-equipped model (excluding GST) seems hard to justify, even when converted to US$28,425, because it doesn’t include a roof tent, awning, or of stove. Prices for camping trailers have risen quite high in general, but for that kind of price we expect a roof over our heads and the ability to cook a hot meal without having to hit REI on the way to the camping.

CA$35,699 model includes 129L water tank, 60L ARB fridge/freezer, rear galley drawer, spare tire carrier and electrical system, but no side or front boxes .

Rentals are also an option, and Beaver Built offers travel trailers in Alberta and British Columbia from CA$80 per night. Rental trailers are fully equipped with a three/four person rooftop tent, 75 liter Yeti cooler, stove, BBQ, dishes and other provisions.

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