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Moss: Book 2 Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay

As Stiksma disclosed to On the road to virtual reality, “Moss: Book 2” will maintain the main gameplay loop of the base title, enhanced by new interactions with the environment and a weapon-based progression system. You can see Moss wielding both a hammer and a sword in the Announce the trailer, although it is not clear if the player will have free rein on the arsenal or if they are tied to crossing specific areas in the game.

“In addition to new weapons like the hammer and the ability to harmonize with nature to create new avenues of exploration, we were excited to build on the player’s ability to load Quill’s weapons,” Stiksma explained on the PlayStation Blog. “It not only provides Quill with unique ways to solve puzzles, uncover secrets and defeat enemies, but it’s really nice to be able to contact and connect with her through that kind of teamwork. “

Based on a Gamereactor interview with environmentalist artist Coolie Calihan, “Moss: Book 2” will be “between 1.5 and 2 times longer” than its predecessor. “The longer the game, the deeper the connection with Quill, and that’s the point of the game,” Calihan explained. “We want you to really feel there with Quill and build that bond.” Players can also expect higher stakes, a greater sense of tension, and times that will challenge what they think of the protagonist.

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