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My Master Has No Tail Features New Cast In 2nd Trailer

The My master has no tail anime has released its second trailer. The new video previews the recently announced cast which includes Ayana Taketatsu like Enshi Kirino, Akira Ishida like Utaroku Ebisuya, and Junichi Suwabe like Buncho Daikokutei.

Also highlighted are previously announced announcements Hibiku Yamamura as Bunko Daikokutei and Takuya Eguchi as Tsubaki Byakudanji.

My master has no tail will be presented in Japan in October. It is based on “Taisho rakugo fantasy” manga published by Kodansha by TNSK, which debuted in 2019 and will release its eighth tankoubon tome on June 7, 2022. The manga is serialized for good! Afternoon magazine and published under the Afternoon KC label.

The story follows Mameda, a tanuki who dreams of one day being able to transform into a human. En route to Osaka, a series of events leads Mameda to request to be a student of a beautiful dark-haired rakugo cashier.

The anime staff includes Hideyo Yamamoto (Cells in action! BLACK) as a director, Toko Machida (Pura Oré! Pride of Orange) as the series’ composer and one of the screenwriters, Haruka Yamauchi (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato co-sub character designer) as character designer, and Arte Refact’s Tsukasa Yatoki, Atsushi Haradaand Yuuki Honda as music composers. Wire of LidenMrs is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the cast includes MAO like Mameda, Lynne like Tsubaki Shirara, Ayumu Murase like Sakujiro, Natsuki Aikawa like Omatsu, Ikumi Hasegawa like Koito, and Yuuichiro Umehara like Rakuda.

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