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Natasha Lyonne Visits 1980s New York City In Russian Doll Season 2 Premiere Trailer: ‘I Broke Time’

Natacha Lyonne folds more space and time for season 2 of Russian doll.

Netflix released the first trailer for the upcoming second episode of the sci-fi comedy-drama, which premieres April 20, showing Nadia Volvokov (Lyonne) stumbling into another adventure, this one taking her back in time to the 1980s in New York.

” What is that ? Some sort of 80s flash mob? Nadia asks as she wakes up in a graffiti-covered subway car, only to realize what decade she really is in.

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The trailer also sees the return of Charlie Barnett as his sidekick Alan Zaveri. “The universe finally found something worse than death. I broke time,” Nadia told him. “Do I need to worry?” Alan answers.

Nadia’s journey involves a family’s stolen gold, a World War II jaunt and a visit to a psychiatric ward, with returning costar Greta Lee as Maxine and Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphywho join the cast with season 2.

russian doll season 2


Fans of the show will recall that Season 1 saw Nadia stuck in an inexplicable time loop, continually reliving her 36th birthday only to die at the end of the day and start all over again. Although she finds comfort in Alan, who is also stuck reliving the same day, their loop keeps getting weirder and weirder until they figure out how to stop it.

The show premiered in February 2019 and it has been renewed for season 2 this month of June. It has since won three Emmys from 13 nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Lyonne, 43.

Lyonne, who also landed Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series nomination alongside co-creators Leslye Headland and Amy Poehlerpreviously told PEOPLE it was “creatively asserting more than anything” to be recognized for his work.

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“Honestly, it’s the first show that I’ve really created and seen from inception to color correction,” she said in 2019. “The idea that it was received well instead of alienating the audience really encourages me to continue these lines for wanting to ask big questions about what it all means and what we’re all doing here.”

Season 2 of Russian doll premieres April 20 on Netflix.

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