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Netflix Releases Usagi Yojimbo Series Trailer

The main cast of Netflix's Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles series.

Picture: netflix

You may remember that in 2020, netflix have announced plans to create an anime series based on Stan Sakai Usagi Yojimbo graphic novels. During the initial announcement, Netflix revealed that they had no plans to do a direct adaptation of Sakai. Rabbit Ronin Miyamoto Usagi, but rather expand the mythology of the series by focusing on one of his descendants. Now they have finally given us a preview of the upcoming series called Rabbit Samurai: The Usagi Chronicles—and this looks like an interesting twist on the Usagi stories.

Growing up hearing stories about his legendary ancestor, Yuichi Usagi (Darren Barnet) dreamed of battling yokai and saving lives like Miyamoto. After training as a ninja, it looks like he will finally succeed in protecting the citizens of Neo-Edo after an extremely powerful yokai shows up and begins terrorizing the city. As in any children’s show, he will have friends to help him defeat all the yokai running around now.— in this case, the rhinoceros bounty hunter Gen (Aleks Le), Kitsune fox thief (Shelby Rabara), and ninja cat Chizu (Mallory Low).

Not having read the Yojimbo comics, I can’t personally say whether or not samurai rabbit capturing the spirit found in Sakai’s work. But the show has potential; the character designs of the French studio Gaumont all of them look really good, and compared to what western children’s animation can usually look like, that is, extremely Chatty, quirky humor and quick gags – the more deliberate pacing this show seems to have is appreciated. (It probably doesn’t hurt that Sakai is one of the show’s executive producers, so he was able to help guide the show.) And a ninja bunny swinging through a town using a yo- yo mystic is fair interesting enough to arouse interest, surely.

Netflix’s animated output has been pretty strong throughout 2021, and they’ve got another popotential winner on their hands with Samurai, assuming they let him live for more than two seasons. With animation fans hungry for something different, there’s sure to be an audience out there that’s going to have a blast with this and have it on everyone’s radar in no time. Aand should it end prematurely And if not, the show should at least urge viewers to check out the source material it’s based on.

Rabbit Samurai: The Usagi Chronicles will arrive on Netflix on April 28.


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