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Netflix’s Super Crooks trailer promises more Millarworld craziness

The trailer is, in the parlance of our day, no plot, just vibes. The only characters featured by name are Johnny Bolt, the supervillain team leader with a power set based on the manipulation of electricity, and the superhero Praetorian, who Bolt says possesses “200 different powers,” including , from the trailer, flight, super strength, laser vision, pyrokinesia and the ability to duplicate oneself. Plot details are also vague. At least one heist is planned, with promises that its success will make all participants millionaires, but there aren’t many details on who the target is or why they’ve pursued it.

The vibrations are awesome. The adaptation was handled by renowned Japanese studio Bones Inc., which worked on “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”, “My Hero Academia” and “Full Metal Alchemist”. The action, complete with teleportation, motorcycle chases, and what appears to be a cart driving down a city street on an ice base, is awe-inspiring.

Netflix’s plot description seems to indicate that the series will closely follow the comic book storyline: “Johnny Bolt is recruiting a motley group of supervillains for one final heist. Their target: an overpowered ruthless crime boss. What can go wrong? But CBR reports that the series won’t be a pure adaptation of the Millar and Yu series, but rather a kind of prequel that shows its heroes and villains (or villains and heroes) before the big comic book heist before finally. catch up with the events of the playoffs.

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