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New Love and Thunder trailer shows new use of Mjolnir

Thor: Love and ThunderThe latest trailer showed off some cool new additions in terms of characters and abilities. Not only is Jane Foster back, but she also has a unique skill set as The Mighty Thor. Through her new title, she also obtained the newly formed hammer, Mjolnir, which Hela previously destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. However, unlike Thor, Jane’s version of the hammer has brand new abilities that both improve her power output and better inform her fighting style.

During the new love and thunder trailer, Jane was shown battling enemies on Olympus with Mjolnir. But rather than using the hammer as a blunt instrument, she was also able to break it down into its shattered pieces and throw them at her enemies, providing a new form of projectile never seen before. What’s even more intriguing than this ability is the question of how it could sustain itself in a way that Thor never could.

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Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a dying star with Uru metal. Thor could channel his lighting abilities through the hammer to deliver devastating attacks. In his care, Mjolnir was both a tool and a weapon, but it was almost always presented as a weapon for creating shockwaves or launching wide-ranging attacks. As Thor was never the most nimble fighter, Mjolnir showed versatility by being a defensive and offensive weapon that could hit harder than anything else and worked best with momentum, as its power relied on swing.

In the love and thunder trailer, Jane took advantage of this ability as well as her more fragile state to take all the power in one shot and put it into several smaller parts of the hammer. But due to Thor’s trust issues after his destruction, there was a brief window where Jane could have inadvertently conjured the lightning back into Mjolnir. In that window where Thor was hammerless, her own will could have pulled the pieces together and been the reason she became the new Conduit. Therefore, she has an even deeper understanding of the hammer, as she is just as much a reason why Mjolnir is together as the power of the Thunder God.

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With such a deep understanding of the hammer, as it is now something more than it was before, Jane could use its abilities in a whole new way. Also, since she hasn’t spent ages training for combat, she would have to be even more creative with Mjolnir to compensate. As a result, she uses the hammer as an extension of herself rather than a powerful weapon like Thor did.

Nevertheless, Jane’s new uses for Mjolnir in love and thunder help show just how different the two Thunder Gods are in how they fight battle. But those differences may bring them closer, because now Thor could teach Jane more about his world, and she could also continue to teach him everything she learned. Ultimately, Mjolnir’s new look and abilities will only strengthen the romance that is slowly rekindling Jane and Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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