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New ‘The Batman’ Trailer Reveals Wayne Family Secrets

About a month away from Matt Reeves’ 2022 release The Batman Starring Robert Pattinson, a new trailer has emerged, giving fans a glimpse into the story that’s built around the secrets of the Wayne family.

The Reeves-directed Batman movie is expected to follow the structure of a dark cop crime story. In the new 30-second trailer, the teaser explores the alluring mystery at the heart of Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne story. The trailer features Bruce Wayne in public, appearing to be at a funeral as he is lectured for not doing his best to protect Gotham City. Clips of shots of Batman taking Gotham City’s nightlife transition in and out of stage as the interaction unfolds. Later, the scene sees The Riddler blackmailing Wayne with a family secret, with a voice overlay that hears Catwoman say, “It’s all about the Waynes.”

While all of the scenes have been seen in previous trailers and teasers, there’s an additional one-note shot that teases fans of what’s to come. The photo shows Batman, Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD looking at a board filled with newspaper clippings of old photos of Bruce’s father, Thomas. The word “orphanage” is also placed prominently and draws the attention of the scene.

Watch the trailer below. The Batman tickets go on sale February 10 and theatrical releases March 4.

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