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New Tyreek Hill Podcast Trailer Suggests Chiefs Deleted His Stats

Tyreek Hill is releasing a new podcast on June 10, and the trailer for this podcast makes a wild claim about the Kansas City Chiefs.

The podcast entitled “It had to be said” will focus on money, football, culture and more. The first episode seems to focus on Hill leaving Kansas City, with an interview with Hill’s agent Drew Rosenhaus.

The trailer released on June 1 opens with a discussion between Hill and Rosenhaus – who says contract negotiations with the Chiefs have resumed at the end of the 2021 NFL season. They seem to place a lot of weight on the fact that Hill wanted to be in Kansas City, with Hill even asking Rosenhaus to repeat it after he said it.

Hill co-host Julius Collins then goes on to suggest that the reason things didn’t work out in Kansas City wasn’t because of its asking price in an extension. Instead, they suggest the Chiefs ‘didn’t use’ Hill despite knowing what he was capable of. Collins then goes on to ask if Hill and Rosenhaus believe the Chiefs actively suppressed Hill’s stats in order to cut his costs. The trailer cuts before Rosenhaus and Hill can respond.

This claim is nonsense for many reasons, but let’s start with Hill’s use and production. In 2021, Hill led the Chiefs in targets (159), receptions (111), receiving yards (1,239) and tied for team leader in receiving touchdowns (9). That’s more than 20 more targets than the next closest receiver, a career high for receptions and the third-highest mark of his career for receiving yards and touchdowns.

The defense chose to play differently in Kansas City, so Hill didn’t have as many plays in the field as he might have liked. That said, it’s easier to say Kansas City used Hill too much than to say they didn’t use him enough or in the right way. They made him an effective weapon despite the teams working hard to take away one of the best parts of his game.

Beyond Hill’s production last season, why would a team competing for a Super Bowl actively sabotage itself by suppressing the stats of one of its best players? The idea that they did it to save a few bucks on his contract extension is stupid. Why would an NFL team actively devalue one of its greatest assets? It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m sure when the full podcast comes out, Rosenhaus will do damage control on that line of questioning. It’s curious why they even allowed this trailer to be released.

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