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NH State Trooper killed during the night when a semi-trailer struck his cruiser …

A New Hampshire State Trooper cruiser was struck by a semi-trailer resulting in the death of a 19-year-old New Hampshire State Police veteran. According to a report from radio station WOKQ, Master Sgt. Jesse Sherrill was working on a detail with crews installing rough strips on the shoulder of I-95 just after midnight this morning when Sherrill’s cruiser was struck by the tractor-trailer. He was rushed to Portsmouth Regional Hospital and pronounced dead from injuries sustained in the crash.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was treated for injuries at Portsmouth Regional Hospital and released. As of this time, no charges have been laid in the accident which is being investigated by Maine State Police at the request of New Hampshire State Police.

According to an article posted on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, Staff Sergeant Sherrill had been a member of the New Hampshire State Police since December 2001 and was recently promoted to Deputy Commander of the Troop A in Epping, New Hampshire, last August.

This tragic accident is a reminder of the dangers law enforcement, road crews, Mass DOT and tow truck operators face every day on the roads of this state and all states across the country. Anyone who drives the mass toll highway on a regular basis sees crews working daily and nightly on a section of the western mass highway. We must all adhere to the reduction of speed limits and posted work zones in all cases while driving in order to help protect men and women working in dangerous conditions.

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