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NHVAS and mapping tool improve operator safety and productivity

Membership of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) and a new mapping tool benefit more than 8,100 operators across Australia.

Paul Salvati, chief operating officer of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), said joining the program gives companies a competitive advantage over competitors, as well as significant productivity gains and safety benefits.

“Whether you are a business or a single-vehicle owner-operator, you can use the NHVAS as a pathway to safer transportation activities, no matter what industry you operate in,” he said. he declares.

According to Salvati, companies partnering with NHVAS and their memberships are likely to attract customers because of the effort to maintain safety.

“If you’re an NHVAS member contractor, companies know they’re hiring someone with a verifiable safety management system that makes their operations safer, and that you’re serious about meeting your requirements. principals.”

Salvati said that by being NHVAS Mass Management accredited, companies can also enjoy productivity benefits.

“You can also gain productivity benefits from being NHVAS Mass Management accredited, as it allows you to operate at concessional mass limits for general road network access, meaning you can haul more on each trip and reduce the number of rides you do,” he mentioned.

The NHVR maintenance management system is supposed to provide operators with a clear picture of possible vehicle replacement needs. Investing in newer, safer vehicles reduces vehicle downtime, which means less time in inspection pits and more time on the road.

Salvati said recent changes to the program have provided even more safety management system activities.

“Once you have NHVAS accreditation, it’s easy to build on it using NHVR’s 9-step SMS roadmap to make your safety management system even more comprehensive,” a- he declared.

Additionally, NHVR’s new mapping tool is aimed at operators as it gives them easier and more accurate access to route planning.

NHVR program manager David Carlisle said the improved mapping tool was the next step towards the regulator’s smart route planning platform for the heavy-duty industry.

“The new route planner incorporates a design specific to heavy vehicle travel, which will help operators plot more accurate routes for heavy vehicles, minimize route errors and reduce the time needed to plan trips. ‘a ride,’ he said.

Carlisle said road data can be updated on the map in real time, which will prevent operators from relying on notes, changes or drawings on their permit applications. Therefore, route planning will contribute to the safety and productivity of heavy vehicle drivers.

“We know that accurate and consistent route planning is essential for safe and productive operations, so this is a big step forward in making that process easier for the industry,” he said.

“We will continue to work with operators, road managers and jurisdictions to make further improvements over the next twelve months, evolving towards a single national network map that supports dynamic heavy vehicle networks.”

In other news, earlier this year the NHVR centralized its Covid-19 guidelines.

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