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Nightwing and Red Hood trailers drop for Gotham Knights

Warner Bros. Games and DC today released the official gameplay trailer for Nightwing & Red Hood in the upcoming Gotham Knights which comes out in October 2022. None of us are strangers to the highly acclaimed Arkham games, but this new open-world, third-person action-RPG is about to give some supporting characters a chance to dance in the spotlight of the bat.

This new gameplay trailer features an expanded look at Nightwing and Red Hood as they seek to bring justice to crime-riddled Gotham City while investigating clues related to the mysterious Court of Owls. Game director Geoff Ellenor also narrates the trailer, giving you additional insight into what’s in store. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

What is the Nightwing & Red Hood trailer all about?

In this Nightwing & Red Hood gameplay walkthrough, each hero’s signature fighting style will be showcased, along with a look at open-world traversal abilities such as Red Hood’s twin gun skills and powerful abilities of jumping and the acrobatic combat system of Nightwing and its aerial glider – just so you don’t depend on racing around Gotham City.

But Gotham Knights gameplay doesn’t just focus on the escapades of Nightwing & Red Hood, as players will also be able to take control of other famous members of the Batman family like Batgirl and Robin. The four DC superheroes must step into the shoes of their fearsome leader due to his untimely death. As a team, you can use an array of unique skills to uncover Gotham’s dark secrets, defeat notorious villains, and complete epic challenges that will put those skills to the test.

Gotham Knights is scheduled for October 25and2022, but the bad news is that it will only be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, although it gives older gamers some time to level up so you don’t miss out on this exciting game.

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