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No end in sight for Rentco

Rentco Transport Equipment Rentals is a leading equipment rental company, providing fleet operators across Australia with trucks, utility vehicles and trailers along with 24/7 support.

Rentco’s National Commercial Director, Paul Scott, explains that the company’s position in the market is due to its dedication to its services.

“We are open for business, we are the biggest in the market because we are good,” he says. “And it hasn’t been an easy climb to the top, we’ve done it through good management investment and longevity.”

Rentco is focused on continuing to serve the Australian transport sector through its safe, current and compliant vehicles of various specifications and designs, and Paul explains that in addition to building efficiency in technology, tracking and leadership Lean, the company aims to build on the past 25 years and make sound business decisions while responding to the market over the next 12 months.

“We continue to listen harder and more carefully to the market and what it tells us to do,” he says. “The next 10 years will be proof of that. The more the market talks, the more we listen and the more we change.

The 1994 scene painted a different picture for Rentco, then located in Kewdale, Western Australia. Paul explains that it was a basic operation, with basic principles and management systems. Customers talked and acted within budgets and financial constraints, and year-over-year growth was very difficult due to the challenges a small new business faces and the large number of competitors in the industry. By expanding its locations, adjusting its operations to market demands, and recruiting strategic management teams for each depot, Rentco was able to completely turn the tide and take leadership in the industry, while retaining its long-term employees. date.

“We have Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria, South Australia, Perth and Darwin,” he says. “Many members of the founder’s management staff are still in place. The founding director of Adelaide is still in Adelaide, one of the founding directors in Brisbane is still in Brisbane. Each of these depots has an employee of more than 10 years who takes care of it.

Paul says the compliance aspect of the job has also increased significantly.

“Technology has been a massive change in business, especially over the past 10 years,” he says. “It has played a significant role in our growth and capabilities in terms of operational efficiency, compliance, service and reporting, and our electronic platform that we use is integrated and personalized, it is updated every months trying to keep up.”

Much like how different needs and demands changed the way Rentco operated in 1994, similar situations such as the current Covid-19 pandemic and the online shopping revolution have forced Rentco to refocus its focus. Paul says that instead of focusing on a single niche in the industry, Rentco listens to market needs.

“We don’t focus on a specific industry, we focus on the noise that the whole transport market makes, and precisely that which comes from parcel delivery and import/export companies. We expect the food industry to also meet unexpected additional demands in the coming months. »

Paul says Rentco is in an exceptional position in the market and will continue to grow for the unpredictable future.

“Rentco is open for business and continues to grow because it has to – not because it wants to,” he says. “We are becoming more and more adaptable every year, and the 25 years of success allow for this adaptability. With over 3,000 vehicles in fleet and most currently on lease, it’s easy to see that much of our nation’s transportation industry depends on Rentco to keep moving forward and we are rising to that challenge. head on and we are all fully aware of our responsibility and committed to doing our part for Australia
supply chain networks.

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