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Offer Trailer Reveals Paramount Plus’ Making-Of Godfather Show

The creation story of The Godfather will be revealed in a new limited series on Paramount Plus called The Offer, which has a new trailer.

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The Godfather remains one of the most influential and beloved films ever made, forever changing the gangster genre and American cinema in general. But lesser known is the turbulent history of its origin, and that will finally be revealed in Paramount Plus’ new prestige series. The offer.

Paramount has released a thrilling trailer, teasing the tense intersection of Hollywood politics and organized crime that The GodfatherThe production had to last. Similar to another infamous Francis Ford Coppola production, Revelation nowthe production of The Godfather seems almost as intense as the Corleone family struggles.


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The offer has a stacked ensemble cast, including Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple, Giovanni Ribisi, Dan Fogler, Colin Hanks and Lou Ferrigno. In the director’s chair is Rocketmanby Dexter Fletcher, and the editor is Michael Tolkin, best known for classics like The player and deep impact. And as a seal of approval, Godfather producer Albert S. Ruddy is an executive producer, so they’re sure to work with the best possible stories and secrets about this historic production.

Visually, the series is absorbed in Godfather the iconography, from the emulation of the classic logo to the accurate costumes and sets of the 1970s. One could almost forget that this is a true story and see only a canonical story Godfather spin off. But that seems to be the idea, because truth is always stranger than fiction, and if done right, The offer could become an exciting companion to the original classic.

Of course, one must ask oneself if The offer can compete with the overcrowded streaming market. For one, Paramount Plus remains one of the less popular streaming platforms, and while this series is great, it’s going to take a lot more to boost subscriptions. There have also been plenty of Hollywood-centric movies and miniseries lately, and after yet another Ryan Murphy or Quentin Tarantino project, it’s unclear whether another can dominate public debate.

But despite all these risks, The offer could very well become a must-have TV series for the new year. With its compelling true stories, told by a talented cast and crew, this could be a To offer we cannot refuse.

The offer will arrive on Paramount Plus on April 28, 2022.

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