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OR postponed to 2022, second trailer

Publisher and developer G-Mode and developer room6 delayed side-scrolling adventure game WHERE of its 2021 release window previously slated to 2022, as well as the second official trailer. It will be available for Switch and PC via To smoke.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

The place is U-chronia, a hazy world that lives in hazy memories of the distant past. OU, a young boy, wakes up in a dry river bed with no memory. He meets Zarry, a possum with a flaming tail, who guides him on a journey to uncover his history.

The Specter Saudage, which haunts the boy; Gemini, who looks like him; The crying woman “La Llorona”, which leads him to tragedy. All are here to change history and how it will end.

A pen-drawn world reminiscent of illustrations from children’s literature, accompanied by guitar music full of nostalgia for an old hometown. This is the background where History, a story intended for someone, takes place.

Much like a book by Michael Ende, “OU” disguises itself as something else – an adventure game – to meet and interact with reality. WHERE is also a challenge, a challenge for the games as a whole.

Game system

A side-scrolling adventure game where you control a character on a terrain, which can be enjoyed by those who are not good at action games.

There are different designs and functions of “labels”, which are used to solve puzzles. You can also collect them.

There are times when you have to run away or face huge monsters.

Watch the trailer below.

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