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Overwatch 2 Sojourn Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Characters and Improved Arsenal

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Characters and Improved Arsenal

Sorjourn’s character has long been a part of the Overwatch universe, and she was officially revealed in November 2019 when Overwatch 2 was unveiled. However, very little was known about her, in part because Blizzard Entertainment had published so little about the sequel so far. Blizzard, on the other hand, produced a trailer for Sojourn and hosted a webcast about its origin and skills as part of a new transparency effort.

Railgun and Cybernetics are featured in the Canadian Hero trailer. She wields a rail-assisted hitscan assault weapon (a la Soldier 76). The secondary fire, the railgun, uses the energy accumulated by hitscan bullets. To slow down and damage enemies in her path, she can use disruptive shot as one of her special powers. This works well with his railgun as it slows down his opponents, allowing him to shoot them more easily. She has the ability to glide, which she can undo and use for a big leap, thanks to her cyborg legs. It can be used to gain the upper hand over the opposition or to withdraw from it.

His ultimate ability automatically loads his railgun and allows him to fire through many opponents at once. It’s a “hitscan” version of Genji’s ultimate that can lead to massive skill-based plays, which Blizzard said it intends to reward with this ability, according to the company. .

As well as being the first new hero announced for Overwatch 2, Sojourn’s arrival marks a significant step forward for the game’s dearth of playable black female characters, something Blizzard has come under fire for since Overwatch launched. . Artist Dion Rogers explained the importance of having her in the game and mentioned how they drew influence from previous roles Angela Bassett has played as well as Regina King’s Angela Abar from HBO’s Watchmen series .

Because Blizzard didn’t want its presence to appear “randomly”, Rogers admitted that it took so long to build it. That’s why the team waited until the next beta of the game to get it done right and make sure it made a meaningful impression.

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