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Palworld Trailer Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

In the latest trailer, a leaping deer Pal bears a striking resemblance to the legendary Pokémon known as Cobalion. Immediately after, the the trailer introduces us to what looks like a fluffy fusion of Wooloo and Whimsicottand a grassy green dinosaur that could easily be a distant cousin of Meganium.

These similarities have not gone unnoticed by the public either. YouTube user Tsunami Wombat pointed out that a moment in the trailer sounds like “Wooloo on the .50 caliber” probably referring to a trio of fluffy pals mounting a heavily armed defense. Similarly, Twitter user Sylphik describes a screenshot de Pals rushing into battle saying, “Lucario, Zoroark, Primarina, Cobalion, Charizard, and Pikachu all clash.”

Not only does the list grow in terms of similar creature designs, but some mechanics also feel familiar. Players can use their captured buddies to battle, traverse the open world, and even trade them with friends. How are Pals transported? Well, at some point in the latest trailer, the player character aim for a friend and throws a portable blue sphere in order to catch a Meganium doppelganger.

Thanks to the game steam page, however, we do know that there are a few key differences between “PalWorld” and the good old Pocket Monsters. Your buddies can be placed in a factory where they “will work forever as long as they are fed, until the end of their lives or reduced to mush by the boss of the factory”. You probably won’t see this in Pokemon anytime soon.

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