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Pixar’s second Space Epic trailer is here

Pixar has released the second trailer for its upcoming sci-fi action-adventure film, Light yearslated for a theatrical release on June 17, 2022.

Light year is a spin-off of toy story film series, focusing on the origins of Buzz Lightyear. He is a space ranger hailing from a franchise within the toy story universe, created when astronauts were popular among children.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Light year

Light year concerns the main character performing his first test flight for Star Command. He accidentally finds himself 62 years in the future on a hostile planet and meets his commander’s granddaughter and her crew. With their help, he strives to return home while saving the universe from the evil Emperor Zurg.


Disney and Pixar announced for the first time Light year in December 2020, with Chris Evans as the main character. Evans was MacLane’s first and only choice for the role, and the actor happily accepted the role given his love for animation. Other cast members include Keke Palmer, Dale Soules, Taika Waititi, Peter Sohn, Uzo Aduba, James Brolin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Efren Ramirez, and Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Angus MacLane not only co-wrote Light year, but he will also make his debut as a feature film director. He previously directed several Pixar short films (BURN-E, Toy Story Toons: Little Fries, Toy Story of Terror!) and co-directed Finding Dory with Andrew Stanton. Passionate about the character of Lightyear and the sci-fi genre, MacLane wanted to present the film that inspired the space rangers action figures in the toy story the universe to reality. Disney and Pixar previously explored a similar concept with the 2000 TV series. Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear and its direct-to-video pilot film Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear: The Adventure Begins.

In early March 2022, a kiss scene between Aduba’s character Alisha Hawthorne and another woman was deleted. A week later, however, Pixar restored the scene to protest Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act and current Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s handling of the situation. Although animated family films have had fleeting references to LGBTQ characters, including in Pixar’s Ahead and no doubt Finding Doryit looks like Alisha’s relationship will be crystal clear and important to the plot. Light year may well be another leap forward for LGBTQ representation in animated features, especially those aimed at families.

Lightyear: the second trailer for Pixar's space epic has arrived

As seen in the trailer, Light year aims for a realistic, cinematic visual style to capture the spirit of the sci-fi movies MacLane loved growing up. Because this version of Buzz is a human, his features are more organic and detailed compared to his mainline toy counterpart. toy story series. The sheer difference between the two designs shows how far Pixar’s animation and rendering technology for feature films has come in 27 years. Unlike the previous toy story-related films, Randy Newman does not compose the music for Light year. Instead, Michael Giacchino is in charge, having previously worked for The Incredibles and its sequel, Ratatouille, At the top, Cars 2, Upside downand coconut.

The trailer introduces the overall plot of the film and provides more details about Buzz’s character. Early on, it reveals Buzz’s habit of narrating his mission logs out loud as his way of staying focused, shedding a different light on how his toy counterpart initially fared in the first. toy story. When Buzz arrives 62 years later, he meets Alisha’s granddaughter, Izzy, who leads the Junior Zap Patrol.

Among the recruits are Darby Steel, a demolitions expert who is working to reduce her prison sentence, and Mo Morrison, who enlisted because he thought it would be a fun boot camp to practice. As Alisha was Buzz’s best friend as well as his commander, Izzy looks up to him and thinks he might be the key to thwarting Zurg and his robot army.

Lightyear: the second trailer for Pixar's space epic has arrived

What do you think of the last Light year trailer? Will Buzz help the Junior Zap Patrol and make it home alive? Are you ready to go to infinity and beyond? Let us know in the comments!


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