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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans discuss the symbols spotted in the trailer

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, symbols appearing in the background of a scene spark a conversation about what they might mean.

Hard to believe that a month ago the trailer for Pokemon scarlet and violet amazed fans of the 26-year-old franchise with a glimpse into the next generation of monster-catching madness. The three-minute preview ended with the reveal of the launch of Pokemon scarlet and violet later in 2022, one year after Pokemon Legends: Arceus hit the market.

With very few details revealed so far, the mystery surrounding next-gen has led the player base to speculate on certain details. Some have engaged in the possible secondary typing of the starter Pokémon, while others wonder how many new Pokémon will be unveiled in the ninth generation.


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User Osmiooo took to Reddit with a screenshot of the trailer, with two sections circled for the discussion topic. They asked the simple question “What are these symbols” and opened the floor to the audience to give their best guesses. The common belief among several respondents is that the circular pattern and intricate design represent the blueprints of a floor plan of a cathedral, with the idea that the general setting of the game and the starter Pokémon appear to have a Spanish theme. . Some even go so far as to suggest that post-game side quests could benefit from a cathedral-based mission to hunt down the legendary Pokemon introduced in Pokemon scarlet and violet.

The most detailed answer comes from AukwardOtter, which features the full description of the octograms, the eight-pointed stars, that appear in the trailer. They point out that the circular dome is where the central dais would be, with an extension leading to either a narthex or a chancel. Basilicas are churches with high ceilings and large windows to allow maximum light, often contain multiple mosaics and stained glass windows, both of which are prominent features in the Pokemon scarlet and violet trailer. Given these details, the symbols discussed in the images may, in fact, be a Spanish-themed cathedral that players will be able to explore, either during the game’s main story or in a post-game side quest.

Of course, it could also represent something with less depth, such as someone observing a Spiritomb without knowing of the Pokémon’s existence. The only intriguing enough working theory leads to the presence of light, both with the symbols and the strong depiction of religious figures. This led the playerbase to wonder if Pokemon might introduce a new type into its mix, revolving around the idea of ​​light itself. This could work in theory, as some Pokémon carry a God-like presence, like Arceus, and the introduction of more monsters is also in line. In this sense, the cathedral theory works wonders with a new type of Pokémon and a Pokemon theme that is unique in itself.

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